Iran Denies Israeli Involvement in Bomb Blast, But 2012 May Be a Different Matter

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Iran


Last week Iran threatened Israel with attack (Iran Threatens to Attack Israel and Wants Syria to Assist), but this week it seems that it does not to want to fight yet:

Iran says missile base blast was not caused by Israeli intelligence

Tehran dismisses reports that Mossad or US was behind the explosion that killed the architect of country’s missile programme…

16 November 2011

On Saturday a huge blast at the Alghadir missile base at Bid Ganeh, 30 miles to the west of Tehran, killed 17 of the country’s elite revolutionary guards, including Major General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, a senior commander described as the pioneer of the regime’s missile programme.

A senior Iranian military official on Wednesday denied reports that Israel was linked to the blast.

I suspect that this means that Iran does not quite feel ready to engage Israel and perhaps is waiting until 2012.  There are reports out of Israel that Iran may have 5 nuclear bombs by the Spring of 2012 (Iran will have five nukes by April 2012. Only 2-3 months left for military option); so that might be part of the reason (whether Israel was involved or not in the huge Iranian bomb blast is something I do not have enough information to speculate about).

There are also reports that some believe that Israel may decide that it is safer for it to take preemptive action against Iran in 2012:

16 November 2011

(Reuters) – An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear sites may become likelier in 2012 if Israel calculates it has more room to act alone in a U.S. presidential election year, a former U.S. official and nuclear diplomacy expert said…

“The most likely possibility is that Mr Netanyahu calls up Obama and says: ‘I’m not asking for a green light, I’m just telling you that we’ve just launched the planes, don’t shoot them down’,” Fitzpatrick said.

“And in a U.S. presidential election year, I think it’s unlikely that Obama would shoot them down.” Israel enjoys strong support in the United States among politicians and the public.

As regular readers of the COGwriter news page are aware, I have been warning for some time that Iran and Syria may be involved together in an attack on Israel whether they attack Israel first or Israel attacks on or both of them. The above news report is confirmation that the Iranians are clearly thinking about the same thing.

My speculation has been based upon current events and situations as well as Bible prophecy. Both Isaiah 17:1 and Daniel 11:40-43 have been factors in that speculation.

Events are moving forward in the Middle East, Iran, and other parts of the world for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  Some of this may happen in 2012.

As Jesus said:

37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch! (Mark 13:37)

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