Iran Loads Nuclear Fuel Rods

Bushehr, Iran


Iran began loading nuclear fuel rods into its nuclear reactor in Bushehr today.

Iran Launches Controversial Bushehr Nuclear Plant (VOA 21 Aug 2010)

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton had said that if Israel wanted to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it would have needed to strike it before this happened today.  But he did not think Israel would, and he was correct.  The basic logic for why John Bolton thought it could be an option is that when Israel eliminated an Iraqi nuclear power plant in the past, it did it before it had the nuclear fuel rods loaded.  Basically, by eliminating the plant before it became nuclear, environmental damage could be greatly minimized (as opposed to having the massive amounts of nuclear contamination–Israel will get a lot a flack from any attack, and minimizing damage is generally considered to be in its self-interest).

FWIW, I did a radio interview on Wednesday and was asked about this possible attack by Israel.  Essentially, I told the host that while I did believe that Israel could attack Iran, I did not believe it could be this week/prior to the loading of the nuclear fuel rods.

While it is not yet 100% clear when Israel will likely attack Iran, the idea that it could begin as early as next month remains a possibility.  Since Iran is NOT going to be the final King of the South, it will likely either be militarily somewhat leveled, have another revolution that will change its direction, and/or be impressed with a rising Islamic leader from North Africa and/or the Middle East and provide that leader support.

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