Russia to U.S.: Choose us or Georgia

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev
Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev: What Will the Russian President Do?


CNN just reported the following:

Russia to U.S.: Choose us or Georgia

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Russia pressed the United States on Wednesday to choose between “a real partnership” with Moscow or an “illusory” relationship with U.S. ally Georgia.

Washington said it’s sticking with Georgia…

Russia has likely moved additional troops into the disputed Georgian provinces and into Georgia proper over the past several days, several administration officials told CNN on Wednesday.

The officials said the United States now believes Russia may have 15,000 or more troops in the region. That would be an increase from the 8,000-10,000 the U.S. government estimated when the fighting began. A Bush administration official stressed that the scope of Russia’s military effort remains unclear.

Any violations of the cease-fire would call into question Russia’s “suitability” as an international partner, Rice told reporters before leaving on a diplomatic trip to Europe.

Bush administration officials told CNN the United States and its European allies were considering kicking Russia out of the G-8, the group of the world’s largest industrial economies, and other international organizations as punishment for its actions in Georgia.

Apparently the Russian President may have agreed to a cease-fire to build up troop levels.

There will be wars and rumors of wars–see that you are not troubled (Matthew 24).

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