WikiLeaks: Australia ‘Deeply Troubled’, Philippines a ‘Basket Case’

Mount Apo in Mindanao, Philippines


Here is a news report related to WikiLeaks related to the Philippines and Australia:

WikiLeaks: Philippine south emerging as terrorist haven


A leaked cable message from United States diplomats in Australia in 2008 said southern Philippines is becoming the “favoured tilling ground” of the terrorist group al-Qaeda.

The secret US embassy cable, leaked to online whistle-blower WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to The Age news site, said southern Philippines was emerging as a new terrorist haven…

Meanwhile, another report of The Age on Wednesday said a leaked US cable showed Australia’s top diplomats considered the Philippines a “basket case,” a colloquialism meaning “completely hopeless.”

The Age report said Australia’s diplomats consider their neighborhood “deeply troubled.”

“They describe China’s leadership as nervous, paranoid and uncertain but running rings around Japan. Thailand is unstable, the Philippines a basket case and East Timor a burden,” The Age report said.

The candid statements of Australia’s diplomats were reportedly contained in the cable message on the secret Australia-US political-military talks between the senior officials of both countries in October 2008.

The Philippines contains a lot of hard working people that are spread over a lot of islands which is somewhat difficult to manage.  Having to deal with more terrorists will be difficult.  But in the mid-term, Bible prophecy suggests that the Philippines will do better than Australia.

Australian diplomats are right to “consider their neighborhood deeply troubled”.  And that was in 2008.  The increase in USA debt since 2008 has been historic and will later prove to be catastrophic (cf. Habakkuk 2).  The situation in that part of the world has gotten more troubling for Australia since.  Australia sees China advancing on many fronts, while its main ally, the USA is declining more and more economically.  Those who are carefully looking around in Australia must realize that if the USA is out of the way, Australia cannot really defend itself if China wants to take it over.  And New Zealand, which also is in the same region, has even less ability to prevent itself from being taken over.

Without national repentance the Anglo-descended nations will be taken over relatively soon.  This should make their diplomats, as well as citizens, “deeply troubled”.  Hopefully, enough to repent.

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