Atheists Wish to Prosper from Rapture View

A shofar made from the horn of a Greater kudu

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Some entrepreneurial atheists apparently feel that they have figured out how to possibly generate income from the somewhat widely held pre-tribulation rapture hypothesis that various American Protestants have promoted:

How to save Fido when the Rapture hits
Victoria Advocate, Texas – Aug 18, 2009   excerpt…

It’s a question that has kept many of us up at night. When the Rapture finally comes, what, oh what, is a person to do about their beloved pets who are left behind on earth?

Well, never fear. There is a company that is already all over this, folks.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a massive joke, a massive hoax or a legit deal, but all I know is that it’s so awful and so awesome, the only way to describe it is awfsome.

A company called Eternal Earthbound Pets, USA is made of up of a group of animal-loving atheists who, for a small fee, will take care of your beloved Fido and Mr. Fluffy Poo once you are taken up to heaven during the Rapture.

I know. I told you.

On their Web site it says, and I quote, “Our network of animal activists are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus.”

The company is active in 20 states so far, alas Texas is not one of them.

Their service plan is simple enough: “For $110.00 we will guarantee that should the Rapture occur within ten (10) years of receipt of payment, one pet per residence will be saved. Each additional pet at your residence will be saved for an additional $15.00 fee. A small price to pay for your peace of mind and the health and safety of your four legged friends.”

They even have a FAQ page, with answers to your most burning questions such as “Is this a joke?” (No) and “How do you ensure your representatives won’t be Raptured?” (They have given us their word they are atheist in writing).

Of course, since by definition atheists do not believe in God, they simply wish to collect money essentially by asking for it.

And if there really was a pre-tribulation rapture, presumably none of the people that they have made a contract with would be around to enforce it.

And of course, collecting pets from all over would involve travel that they simply would not be able to afford.

Just the travel costs to collect the pets would exceed the total revenues of their enterprise, to speak nothing of the fact that they simply would not have the funds (nor likely the physical space) to feed the pets.

Furthermore, many rapturists believe that those who are “left behind” will not believe that there actually was a “rapture”, thus atheists would seem to easily be in that category.  And if they do not believe that a “rapture” has occurred they will not even consider complying with their contracts.

But most importantly, while Jesus will return, the Bible does NOT endorse the idea of a pre-tribulation rapture.

And while physical protection during the “hour of trial” is promised to the Philadelphia Christians (Revelation 3:10), the Bible shows that it will not apply to all Christians (Revelation 12:14-17), as many will face the terrors of the Great Tribulation (cf. Daniel 7:24-25).

Most will NOT receive physical protection from the coming Beast power during the Great Tribulation. But the true Philadelphians will.

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