Cardinal Denies Predicting Pope’s Assassination and Replacement in 2012

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Pope Benedictus XVI


A rumor about the pope is in the news:

The Pope will die within a year: Vatican ‘assassination fears’ revealed
The Pope will die within the next 12 months, a senior Vatican figure has reportedly claimed amid fears of an assassination plot.

Vatican dismisses report of plot to kill the pope as ‘ramblings’

Published February 10, 2012| NewsCore

ROME — The Vatican moved quickly Friday to dismiss newspaper reports of a plot to kill the pope.

“These are clearly ramblings, which are not at all taken seriously. This is madness,” Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, said in a hurriedly-released statement.

Italian media went into a frenzy Thursday night after Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano published a front-page account of a note sent to Benedict XVI by retired Colombian Cardinal Castrillon, Sky Italia TG24 reported.

The note, written in German, tells of an alleged conversation in which the Archbishop of Palermo, Cardinal Romeo, during a visit to China, claimed the pope was in great danger and an attack was feared within 12 months. Romeo also apparently named the pope’s probable successor as Cardinal Scola, the current Archbishop of Milan.

Romeo told the ANSA news agency Friday that the words credited to him were “entirely without basis.”

There are a variety of rumors about the pope, and at his age he may not have too much longer to live.  Others that I have wondered who could be the next pope include the French Bishop Marc Stenger and the possibly more ecumenical Cardinal Kurt Koch.  Cardinal Angela Scola’s name has come up before as a possibility.

While many within the professing “Christian” world want ecumenical unity, I would suggest that Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and also Protestants should open up their Bibles and see the warnings about a coming ecumenical religion (cf. Revelation 13:4-8).  Catholic, Byzantine, and biblical prophecy all have warnings about where this will lead. And although some of the Catholic and Byzantine ones have a positive view towards this ecumenism, others are negative, and the Bible clearly is negative.

Certain non-biblical private Catholic prophecies suggest that the next pope could be the last one and he could be an antipope.  Based upon where we are likely to be in relationship to the end of the 6,000 years in God’s apparent 7,000 year plan, this seems to suggest that the final pontiff could certainly be the next one.

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