Muslim Brotherhood Plot for Gulf States; Saudi Arabia Still Interested in Pakistani Nuclear Weapons

Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


The Arabic Gulf oil states have concerns:

26 July 2012

‘Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf states’

Dubai police chief warns of “international plot” against Gulf states, says Iran, Syria and MB must know Gulf is a red line.

Last week, UAE officials announced that authorities were investigating a foreign-linked group planning “crimes against the security of the state”.

“I had no idea that there is this large number of Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf states. We have to be alert and on guard because the wider these groups become, the higher probability there is for trouble,” Khalfan said on Wednesday.

“We are aware that there are groups plotting to overthrow Gulf governments in the long term.”

Based upon passages in Daniel 11:41-43, I have long suspected that some of the Arabic Gulf nations would mainly cooperate with, and not quite fully support, the final King of the South.  Historically, the Gulf states have been worried about Iranian/Shi’ite influence, but more and more they are now starting to have concerns about the primarily Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.   And it may well be that they will decide, for a while, that they need to make some type of deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, the concerns about Iran, however, still tend to be bigger.  And Saudi Arabia more and more is indicating that it wants nuclear weapons from Pakistan to help counter current and future Iranian influence.  The following news item also seems to confirm my view:

Saudis ‘mull buying nukes from Pakistan’
UPI – July 25, 2012

King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia met Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in Jeddah a few days ago as Riyadh began sending its Special Forces to Pakistan for training.

The Islamic countries, both dominated by the mainstream Sunni sect, have long had a particularly close relationship and these events heightened speculation Riyadh is trying to strike a secret deal with Islamabad to acquire nuclear weapons to counter Iran…“As Iran becomes more dangerous and the United States becomes more reluctant to engage in military missions overseas, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may find that renewed military and nuclear cooperation is the best way to secure their interests,” observed Christopher Clary and Mara E. Karlin, former U.S. Defense Department policy advisers on South Asia and the Middle East…

Israel’s Debkafile Web site, considered close to Israeli intelligence and which sometimes posts reports considered to be disinformation, claimed in December 2010 that Pakistan has set aside two nuclear weapons for Saudi Arabia.

These, it said, are believed to be stored at Pakistan’s nuclear air base at Kamra in the north.

If the Saudis do get nuclear weapons, then the Arab world will likely feel that it has become a more significant military force in the world.  These type of weapons may be a factor in the King of the South feeling that he has enough strength to push at the King of the North (Daniel 11:40).

The Saudis, based upon the peoples listed in Daniel 11:40-43 and Ezekiel 30:1-8, seem to be among the people that will support (at least for a while) the coming King of the South.

And one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood may well become the King of the South that the Bible foretells (Daniel 11:40-43)–and they may well get sufficient influence in the Gulf to affect those nations there.

Watch (Mark 13:37).

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