Muslim Brotherhood Warns Turkey Against Dominating Middle East

Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


The Muslim Brotherhood is increasing its influence in the Middle East and North Africa:

By Tulay Karadeniz and Yasmine Saleh

CAIRO | Wed Sep 14, 2011

(Reuters) – Egypt’s most powerful Islamist group warned Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday that his country should not seek to dominate the Middle East…Erdogan was given a more reserved reception by officials of the Muslim Brotherhood…

“We welcome Turkey and we welcome Erdogan as a prominent leader but we do not think that he or his country alone should be leading the region or drawing up its future,” said Essam el-Erian, deputy leader of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party.

Many in Turkey still believe that when the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the Arabs for centuries that this was quite good and would still be the best solution for the Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa.  The first time I recall hearing this was from a Turkish tour guide in my first trip to Turkey in the early-mid 1990s (I have been to Turkey at least three times).

To bring enough Arab nations together, I have felt that some type of “strongman” needed to rise up.  One who Arabs would tend to respect–who might use the title Imam Mahdi and/or Caliph–and while Turkey may temporarily support this leader, I do not believe the leader will be based in Turkey.  It appears that the Bible shows that Turkey (Edom in biblical prophecy) will somewhat support this leader, but likely will betray him (Daniel 11:26) and support the final King of the North, who will allow the Turks to escape his wrath (cf. Daniel 11:41).

The time is getting closer for an Islamic leader to rise up and the Muslim Brotherhood, with its increasing influence, may play an important role. The Muslim Brotherhood is is the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political group and has been called the “world’s most influential Islamist movement” (–though some new group could also form. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood basically means supporting a multi-national Islamic power that wants a strong-man leader.

We in the Living Church of God have long taught that a pan-Islamic leader will rise up in the Middle East and become the final King of the South in Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:40).

And that is something that I warned about in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect.  Additionally, I specifically warned in that book that the Obama Administration would support the rise of such a multinational leader–and the Obama Administration’s talks with various representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in several countries this year has confirmed that writing:

Should Assad Go Next? Not So Fast</strong> – Christopher Ruddy – ‎Aug 30, 2011‎
The interim military government has made an informal alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical group that is rising in influence with a strong assist from the Obama administration. Egypt’s military rulers quickly lifted bans on the Brotherhood,

The increased influence of the Muslim Brotherhood is apparently setting the stage for this.  Turkey is being put on notice, but I would suggest to the Muslim Brotherhood that Turkey will not ultimately be part of their expected caliphate according to Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:41).  And today’s news item suggests that the Brotherhood is concerned about Turkey.

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