Lester McColm Died

I received an email this evening from someone that I have known a long while reporting that former WCG minister, Lester McColm died yesterday (January 2, 2011) at age 85 of heart-related complications.

Les McColm had been my minister three times.  First in Arroyo Grande, then later in Long Beach, and then finally in Fresno.  He coincidentally was reassigned to the areas that I moved to after I had moved to each of them.

I always liked Mr. Mac (the name many knew him by), but was surprised, and of course quite disappointed, that he went along with the Tkach changes.  Mr. McColm had always publicly indicated that he would not leave the truth that the old WCG had (prior to the Tkach changes), so that was a shock.

He is survived by his wife Penny.  His first wife had died (from cancer if I recall correctly) and I initially met Penny when he was courting her.  He and Penny were married for around 32-34 years if my memory serves me correctly.

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