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Today,  GIC (formerly WCG) sent out an email to an article by its J. Tkach which began with:

Trinitarian theology

“Garbage in – garbage out” is a truism in many areas, and the most important area is in our personal theology.  Wrong concepts about God result in lives that miss the fullness of life God wants us to have.

Now, the whole idea of theology might sound a little intimidating, but really it’s just another way of saying “God knowledge.” Our personal theology consists of whatever we believe to be true about God.  So in one way or another, we all have a theology. And certainly every church and denomination has a theology. It’s the framework that undergirds and informs their doctrines and practices.

“Trinitarian theology” is a particular approach to theology that sees the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as the core and foundation for understanding the Bible and all aspects of Christian faith. Trinitarian theology, seeking to know God as God is, correctly begins with “Who?” It asks, “Who is the God made known in Jesus Christ, and who are we in relation to him?”

The Bible, of course, gives us the answers.

J. Tkach is correct that the Bible has the answers.  So does early church history.  And neither teaches the type of  “Trinitarian theology” that GIC now advocates.

For proof from the Bible, as well as early church writings, please carefully study the following articles:

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