Pope Francis and Angela Merkel met and laid out parts of their international agenda


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June 20, 2017

Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met on June 17, in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace to discuss the issues which will be raised at a Group of 20 summit meeting in Hamburg, from July 7-8.

The Vatican said that Frau Merkel and the Pope discussed the need “for the international community to combat poverty, hunger, terrorism and climate change.” Ms. Merkel, in an obvious swipe at US President Donald Trump, said that “we are a world in which we want to work multilaterally, a world in which we don’t want to build walls but bring down walls.”  The reference to “walls,” of course, was to President Trump’s promise to construct a wall on the Mexican-American border.  The pope, too, has been critical of Mr. Trump’s proposed plan.

Ms. Merkel also lamented about the Trump Administration’s decision to opt out of the 2015 Paris climate accord.  Pope Francis urged President Trump to remain in the accord and gave him a copy of his encyclical, “Praise Be,” when they met earlier this spring.  The encyclical elevated “climate change” and protection of the environment as “moral obligations” while it criticized “perverse” economic development models that “enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor.”

As has been the case since the Second Vatican Anti-Council (1962-65), popes have spent most of their time on secular concerns in which they have little competency and less on matters of the Faith.  Pope Francis has taken this to a new level and rarely preaches on doctrine.  This, in one sense, is good because when he does speak on religion, he usually spouts out some heresy or falsehood which scandalizes the Church.  His many blasphemies and heresies, plus the fact that he was never ordained as a priest in the traditional Catholic rite or traditionally consecrated as a bishop (neither was Benedict XVI), makes him ineligible to be a true Catholic pope.

The latest fraud that these two cretins are now pushing is the supposed threat of global warming.  The idea that “climate change” has had some nefarious effect on the environment has long ago been debunked by legitimate scientists and scholars.  Climate change is a ruse used by global elites to further tax, regulate and enslave humanity.

Facts and sound theory, however, do not bother the collectivist minds of Pope Francis and Angela Merkel. What they are interested in is power and control and they intend to keep it through lies like global warming and by coercive massive migration which will fundamentally alter Europe’s demographics to their New World Order masters’ advantage.

Had it not been for the likes of Pope Francis and Ms. Merkel, it is unlikely that Europe would be under a deluge of mostly Mohammedan “asylum seekers.”  The claim that the invasion was “spontaneous” due to the turmoil in the Middle East from US and Western nation-states military intervention is implausible.  The region has been unstable for decades.  Why all of a sudden is there a mass exodus and why it is mostly of young single Muslim men?

The invasion of Europe was carefully orchestrated and planned by the world’s power elite whose goal is to eliminate what is left of the Continent’s white Christian heterogeneous male population.  Pope Francis and Ms. Merkel are the New World Order’s puppets carrying out their marching orders. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-19/are-pope-francis-angela-merkel-enemies-european-civilization

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the importance of international cooperation following a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican on Saturday.

“I am grateful that I can be here again,” Merkel said smiling as the two met for the German leader’s fourth private audience with Francis.

Merkel said she felt strengthened in her positions on combating poverty in Africa and climate change after speaking with Francis.

“He encouraged me to continue on this path,” the German leader said, adding that he was also supportive of the pursuit of international agreements.”

Francis received Merkel in his private library, presenting her with a medal with an olive branch to symbolize “the work you do for peace,” he said. …

Francis and Merkel discussed climate change, African policy and the commitment to peace and fair trade.

“These questions are not merely an abstract concern for Francis; he is personally involved,” Germany’s ambassador to the Vatican, Annette Schavan, told the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper on Saturday.

International cooperation to combat climate change is likely to be one of the main topics for the upcoming July 7-8 Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hamburg, particularly following US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accord. Francis is a vocal campaigner on environmental issues. 06/17/17 http://www.dw.com/en/germanys-angela-merkel-hails-encouraging-talks-with-pope-francis-ahead-of-g20-summit/a-39290246

I had meant to cover this meeting between the pontiff and German chancellor before, but because of travels (we just got back from Serbia last night) I had not done so.

But, I did report before that Angela Merkel was preparing for the July 2017 G20 conference (see Germany’s Merkel is in Argentina making deals with Mexico and Argentina). The USA is to be at that conference, but it looks like the German Chancellor has taken more international steps to prepare for it.

That being said, yes, Angela Merkel and Pope Francis are working on developing their new world order–though I do not consider them puppets of it. Pope Francis and Angela Merkel are among the architects–though they will end up with something beyond that which any of them expects (cf. Revelation 17-18).

A couple of years ago, Pope Francis issued his Laudato Si encyclical which covered topics like international cooperation, climate matters, and forced wealth redistribution. The United Nations pushed for basically the same thing in September 2015.  In December of 2015, the Vatican pushed for the Paris accords mainly behind the scenes in Paris (see Role of Pope Francis ‘transformative’ for COP21 climate change conference). Then US President Obama attended the first part of the conference and pushed for this global climate deal (see Ecumenalists push for COP21 ‘climate change’ agenda: a solution for terrorism? Barack Obama seemingly wants to stay the course). Later Barack Obama and the Chinese signed something to accept it. Pope Francis gave Donald Trump a copy of his Laudato Si encyclical to read when the two met last month. But then on June 1, Donald Trump declared the US would not accept the Paris accords (see Donald Trump announces withdraw from Paris accords: A slap in the face to Pope Francis and the Europeans?).

As regular readers of this page are aware, this rift was expected. At risk of redundancy, notice something I wrote in my book Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse:

Donald Trump’s view of climate change is expected to set up some type of issue between the USA and Europe. Europe will tend to see the USA as an irresponsible polluter of the planet, while Europe will claim to be the protector that the world needs. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 45)

Now that Donald Trump has made his official announcement, the Vatican, the Germans, and others see an opportunity to move away from US hegemony.

Notice something that the old Worldwide Church of God reported about the Vatican and Europe over forty-seven years ago:

   Will the long-dreamed-of “United States of Europe” become a reality in our time? Will a strong, United Europe be a good thing? Will it help bring greater peace, prosperity and stability to Europe and to the world — as its architects envision?
You need to know the prophetic answers to these crucial questions.
The Bible reveals the startling answers to these vital questions. You need to really understand the full significance of where today’s drive to UNITE EUROPE, and turn this long-divided continent into a strong Superpower, is leading. …
Prophecy reveals that our peoples will — unless we repent — have a head-on economic and military confrontation with a powerful, nuclear-armed United Europe. And it doesn’t look as though we are about to repent.
What was the aim of these “prime movers” of the U.S.-of-Europe movement?
“Primarily their aim was to create a powerful superstate out of the Catholic countries bordering the Rhine and the Alps: a bastion of Christian civilization against the communist and socialist threat at home and abroad…. They were inclined to lump communism and socialism together as the common atheist enemy…. But their main aim was to create a federal state in which Frenchmen, Italians, and Germans would find a new patriotism” (The General Says No, by Nora Beloff.) …
Believe it or not, long ago, God Almighty revealed through the prophecies of the Bible that the coming United States of Europe would have strong religious connections.
Here is a rather interesting quote, from a British news magazine, TOPIC (March 24, 1962). This article appeared during the time when Britain was still knocking on the Common Market door — before her first rejection by the Six.
“The Vatican, usually cautious over political changes not of its own inspiration, now considers the Common Market the work of Divine Providence. Not since the times of Spain’s Charles V has a Roman Catholic political force been so strongly welded. Not since the end of the Holy Roman Empire has the Holy See been offered a Catholic rallying point like the Common Market. If the ‘Pact of Rome,’ which created the Common Market, had been signed within the Vatican walls, it could not have favoured the Church more. …” (McNair R. Bible Prophecy Foretells – A STRONG UNITED EUROPE. Tomorrow’s World, February 1970)

The Common Market is now the larger European Union. The Vatican remains interested and is working with it to restore a version of the old ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ If any have doubts about that, consider that last year Pope Francis was given the Charlemagne Prize (Charlemagne was the first ‘Holy Roman Emperor) for his “contributions to European unity.” (see Pope Francis given ‘Charlemagne Prize;’ EU leaders worried about EU’s future).

Charlemagne was a militaristic leader.

As far as a European military goes, a reader sent me a link to the following:

20 June 2017

Germany’s parliamentary defense commissioner, Hans-Peter Bartels, has renewed calls for a joint EU army amid concerns about the reliability of the NATO alliance and disorganization and fragmentation of national defense structures.

Speaking to the German Press Agency on Monday, Hans-Peter Bartels, the Germany Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, called on the 28-nation bloc’s militaries to unite into a single armed force.

“We are currently disorganized, technically fragmented and duplicate structures unnecessarily,” Bartels said, as quoted by the Telegraph. “We do not want to go down the solitary national path anymore. Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy.”

“In the end, there will be a European army,” he stated. https://www.rt.com/news/393152-european-army-inevitable-germany/

There WILL BE a European army–the Bible prophesies it in Daniel 11:25, and not more in Europe are calling for it!

The Bible prophesies that an economically and militarily-powerful Europe will arise (cf. Revelation chapters 13 and 18). The Paris accord may help pave the way for nations to become wealthy trading with the end time power connected with Mystery Babylon the Great of the seven-hills (Revelation 17:1-5; Do You Know That Babylon is Forming?), until it falls (Revelation 18:1-3).

The Bible also prophesies the end of the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39; see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses) and that it will be taken over by a Germanic power that really did not think it intended to, but would do so anyway (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11).

We are seeing more steps in that direction.

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