What’s Ahead for Latin America?

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When the COGwriter website discusses America, it most often (though not always, e.g. Absolut Reconquista by Mexico?) is discussing the United States and/or Canada.

What’s ahead for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking peoples of Latin America? Do current and historical world conditions give some clues to the fate of Mexico in prophecy? What about Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela in prophecy? What about Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama? Might Belize and Guyana be in a separate category? What about Suriname and French Guiana?

Do you realize that the Bible does gives clues as to what will happen to these peoples?

In all of these lands, the people are either of European heritage, indigenous, or a mixture of indigenous and European. But either way, most people in all of the nations of Latin America have some type of ethnic tie to Europe. And the vast majority of the people in Latin America speak some type of a European language.

The ancient Romans developed a system of laws, courts and administrative skills to manage their empire. Today, that Roman law forms the basis of legal codes in France, Italy, the European Union, and in the Latin American countries. Roman law also undergirds Roman Catholic canon law (Civilization Past & Present, Wallbank, 6th edition, pp. 87–88). European and Latin American legal systems much more closely resemble each other than they do of the American and British systems (the US American system is based on the British system).

Most of the peoples in Latin America are Roman Catholic. And this is true of nearly every nation there. Religion, thus, is a major cultural tie to Europe.

Certain parts of Latin America are also politically quite connected to Europe. French Guiana is actually part of France and uses the Euro as its currency. Suriname still maintains close ties to the Netherlands. There exists certain legal connections between those of Portugal and Brazil which ties those nations relatively closely. Guyana used to be part of the British Commonwealth (however, because of ethnic reasons, I suspect that in the end it may decide to be more closely aligned with the rest of Latin America and continental Europe than with the UK). Most of the Spanish-speaking nations have ties to each other as well as Spain.

Because of the cultural, ethnic, language, legal, and religious ties between Europe and Latin America, the two regions will likely cooperate more in the future. These ties will be primarily economic, but also may include some type of military cooperation.

While the world generally considers that Mexico and the rest of the Latin American nations are “developing”, the fact is that they have truly been developing. Several are not only becoming economic powerhouses, they have been able to do this without the massive debt accumulations that many other nations have (like the U.S.A.). And while not all of Latin America is poised for major economic activity on the world scene, once major players such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil), and Chile develop a bit more, they will have an impact not only on the entire world, but also on the other Central and South American countries that they also trade with.

With the U.S.A. and its Anglo-Allies ultimately basically out of the picture, the future power of Europe will make Europe an economically attractive trading partner (and because of its military abilities in the future, it is likely to be an attractive military partner) to those in Latin America.

Notice that the Bible says that all trading nations will become wealthy trading with Babylon (the restored European Empire):

For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury (Revelation 18:3, NKJV).

Thus, the resource (Mexico and Venezuela are major oil exporters), and even agriculturally (Chile and Argentina are leading exporters of agricultural products), rich Latin American countries, including Brazil (which is also one of the world’s most successful rising manufacturing nations), appears to be prophesied to attain wealth from the coming restored European Empire. Immigration from Latin America to Europe is very likely to dramatically increase, so that even many of the poorer in Latin America may benefit economically in that way.

Tourism will also benefit the nations in Latin America as Europeans start to visit there more when the USA and its Anglo-Allies will no longer be quite the destinations that they once were.

Latin America, for a while, will basically become much more prosperous.  But being aligned with a power that the Bible warns against will not be good for it in the long run.

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