Have You Considered Charlotte?

Living Church of God Sign & Family, In Charlotte, NC, January 2008


With all the dissent in UCG right now, I thought the following news item that came out on AOL today was of somewhat amusing interest:

Charlotte Ascends as Top Place to Live

Relocate-America.com ranks top 100 cities in its annual list

CHICAGO (May 15) — Apparently, there’s just something about North Carolina. For the second year in a row, America’s best city in which to live lies within its borders, according to Relocate-America.com’s annual list.
This year, Charlotte, N.C., is in the top spot, the site announced this week…
Areas need to be nominated on the site in order to be eligible for the list; more than 2,000 were nominated this year, Nickerson said. Special efforts are made to prevent spamming campaigns from influencing the results, he added.
But the site’s editorial team also takes into account an area’s growth, its educational and employment opportunities, crime rates and housing options before granting it a spot in the top 100. Environmental highlights also play a role, with a city gaining points for good air and water quality or the strength of its recycling efforts, Nickerson said.
Source: http://money.aol.com/news/articles/_a/charlotte-ascends-as-top-place-to-live/20080515160609990001?icid=1615984945x1202945870x1200307245

Charlotte is where the headquarters of the Living Church of God is located.

And while I doubt many with UCG are interested enough in Philadelphia-era governance, the few that are might want to reconsider where they fellowship.

Have YOU considered Charlotte?  If not, perhaps you may wish to consider the faithful, non-Laodicean,  church located there.

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