LCG: Rains in Australia, Columbia and Mid-West, yet Fires in Texas


Unusual weather has caused disasters in many places this year.   In today’s, TW News & Prophecy E-Zine, the Living Church of God (LCG) reports:

Rain and flooding.

January witnessed devastating floods across Australia. Colombia has been and is currently experiencing “some of the heaviest rains” in its history–with hundreds dying, more than 140,000 homes damaged or destroyed, and more than three million affected (Seattle Times, April 29, 2011)! The central U.S. is flooding too.

One recent headline reads: “Forecast: Almost half of the USA at risk for spring flooding” (USA Today, March 18, 2011). As a result of snow melt and powerful spring storms, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently “blew a hole in a Mississippi River levee in a bid to save several towns in Illinois and Kentucky….” One government official estimated that this action will “cause $1 billion in property damage” as the river floods over a hundred thousand acres of farm land and destroys hundreds of homes (Reuters, May 3, 2011). Officials still expect a flood surge not seen since 1927 (Associated Press, May 3, 2011). More than 12 million people live along the Mississippi–the backbone of commerce for the central U.S. And, the region is responsible for more than $7 billion of agriculture and forest products (, May 4, 2011).

Forecasters predict continued “extreme” global weather conditions for this year, with major flooding and severe rains in some regions, while other regions continue in intense drought (, February 4, 2011).

God predicted long ago that one of the signs of the end of the age would be droughts in some cities while other cities experience severe rains and flooding (Amos 4:7-9). In addition, because of Israel’s sins, God promises plagues of blight, mildew and devastating hail (Haggai 2:17).

Texas fires roaring.

While Australia, Colombia, and the American Midwest are suffering from catastrophic flooding, much of the state of Texas is experiencing some of its driest conditions in history. Additionally, vast portions of the state are ablaze! Since the fire season began in November 2010, more than 9,100 fires have been responded to, 2.5 million acres have burned, and hundreds of homes have been destroyed (Reuters, April 20, 2011; Texas Forest Service, May 4, 2011).

Aside from the devastation to real estate, tens of millions of dollars in damage has been experienced by Texas agriculture–crops and cattle (, May 4, 2011). Many of the homes burned so far have been very large–and would be considered small “palaces” by many around the globe, and even in the U.S. Forecasts predict the dry conditions will continue across much of Texas for the foreseeable future.

God promised that, due to the sins of the Israelite-descended nations and their rejection of Him, He would “send fire upon his cities, and it shall devour his palaces” (Hosea 8:14). Watching destruction and suffering is sobering and sad. Yet God predicted this destruction as long as humanity continues to reject Him (Hosea 7:13-16).

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Texas has had major drought conditions (see Drought Affecting USA Wheat and Beef Supplies and Droughts Affecting Russia and Parts of USA).

LCG has long had a booklet of possibly related interest titled “Who Controls the Weather? ” that is available for those interested in more on the weather and Bible prophecy.

While Jesus foretold on a time of natural disasters as part of “the beginning of sorrows”, the Book of Revelation (16:8-11) tells of a time of even greater disturbances during “the Day of the Lord”. These will go beyond what normally have occurred in the past century. World events are aligning towards the fulfillment of biblical prophecies.

Now there is good news as ultimately, God’s kingdom will come and those issues will be gone (Revelation 7:16). But a terrible hour of trial is coming first (Revelation 3:10).

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