PCG’s Auditorium Closer

Rendering of Armstrong Auditorium (Rees Associates)

The Philadelphia Church of  God (PCG) is reporting in its Philadelphia Trumpet, October 2009 edition that it is almost finished with its project to build “Ambassador Auditorium”.  Its Philip Nice: wrote:

Armstrong Auditorium is taking shape…

December will mark the homestretch for the contractors, laborers, craftsmen, consultants, engineers, architects and other workers to see their work through to completion for Armstrong Auditorium’s dedication and inaugural concert. The inaugural 2010 season begins February 14, with the Band of Irish Guards and the Royal Regiment of Scotland…

Greeting concertgoers as they stream through what will be a beautifully landscaped mall into Armstrong Auditorium will be another restored treasure from Ambassador College, Swans in Flight. Herbert W. Armstrong originally commissioned this striking 12-by-15-by-25-foot sculpture in 1968 from the great English sculptor Sir David Wynne. The pcg has purchased Swans in Flight from Ambassador’s campus in Big Sandy, Texas, and is currently refurbishing it in Norman, Oklahoma.

Why would the Trumpet and the Philadelphia Church of God invest such time and resources into this $18 million project? Because of this: As the Trumpet spreads God’s critical message of warning, it also spreads a message of hope.

I remain of the opinion that PCG did this project in order to physically APPEAR to be more like the old WCG.  Not to proclaim the warning message to the world.

I reported on this project nearly two years ago (see Philadelphia Church of God Announces “Armstrong Auditorium”).  Here is one of my comments from that report by:

PCG has probably spent more money trying to physically resemble the old Worldwide Church of God (WCG) than perhaps all other COGs put together.

PCG forgets that it CHANGED the message and does not have the same priority to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom to the world as a witness as Herbert W. Armstrong’s WCG did (RCG, in many respects, seems to have taken a similar path).  Additionally, PCG has changed various doctrines and come up with several non-biblical requirements to be part of its church.

Primarily trying to appear to be like Herbert W. Armstrong’s WCG does not make it faithful.

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