UCG sells Texas property


A reader sent me the following, along with comments, I have italicized:

Sale of Denton, Texas, Property Final
It is with great pleasure that we announce to you the sale of the Denton, Texas, property that the Church has owned for some time.
The sale of the 81-acre property was finalized yesterday, February 10, 2015, to a Texas-based land speculation company. The Church purchased the property at the height of the real estate market in January 2008. While the land was sold at a loss from the amount paid at that time (before the decline in real estate prices), our agents, the Council and the Administration are satisfied that the amount received was fair market value and that it was not reasonable in the foreseeable future to expect a higher purchase price.
We thank God for His mercy in allowing this land to be sold. We seek His will about how the proceeds should be used in doing His Work.
Victor Kubik, President
Rick Shabi, Treasurer

Note:  The above matter was a catalyst for the split in the UCG in late 2010.   Those who pushed for it the most abandoned UCG forming CogWa. 
How do we process this considering the inspiration factor?   Not only the depreciation loss, but all those taxes paid while awaiting sale.

I went to Inside the United Church of God Real Time site, but it did not have the announcement from its president and treasurer.  But, that site is not always ‘real time.’  Anyway, the source that sent the email has been reliable in the past, so this appears to have come from the United Church of God (UCG).

4-5 years ago, many ministers left  UCG and later formed a group called CogWa above, more formally named Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA).  The property in Texas was one of several factors that supposedly led to the split (the split seemed more personality than doctrinally related as far as I could tell).

Anyway, since I reported about the split while it was happening, I thought some may be interested in the reported resolution of the property matter.

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