California’s Gay Marriage Issue


The judge who overturned California’s ban on homosexual marriage apparently believes that his position is so correct that the opponents have no real legal basis to appeal it, according to a news report just released:

US District Judge Vaughn Walker, who invalidated Proposition 8, doubts the proponents of California’s gay marriage ban have any standing to appeal his ruling.   (Why California gay marriage ruling may not head to US Supreme Court)

Of course, the fact that the Bible condemns such practices is of no real importance to the advocates of unbiblical morality.  Many believe that Judge Walker stacked the deck legally and that this will be appealed anyway.  What will happen next is still not clear.

LCG made the following observations yesterday about this matter:

Controversial Judge Overturns California Homosexual Marriage Ban. On Wednesday, August 4, a judge with a history of “pro-gray” rulings overturned a voter-approved amendment to the California Constitution that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. His 136-page ruling that declared the amendment unconstitutional included “some of the most radical statements about marriage yet encountered” (Christianity Today, August 5, 2010). In making the decision, the judge, widely identified as homosexual, accepted the claims put forth by proponents of same-sex marriage as rational, but he rejected the evidence and arguments of defenders of heterosexual marriage as irrational. Within days, lawyers for the Governor and Attorney General of California urged the judge to implement his ruling without further delay—claiming this was in the “public interest” (OneNewsNow, August 7, 2010). While this controversial decision by an activist California judge is now being appealed, it represents a “significant step toward the full normalization of homosexuality within the [American] culture.” Many Americans have forgotten God’s warning, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

It is true that many Americans have decided that what God condemns, many in society now condone.

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