Jeff Bezos pushing lab grown ‘meat,’ which is claimed to be linked to premature death, yet which also is being considered by the US Army


Amazon’s founder has decided, like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, to push lab grown ‘meat’:

Jeff Bezos’s $100 Million Bets on Lab-Grown Meat and AI …

June 15, 2024

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, has embarked on a mission to combat climate change and protect our planet’s biodiversity. … Recently, one of the highlights of this endeavor has been Bezos’s increased investment in lab-grown and alternative meats, demonstrating his interest in transforming the global food industry. …

Jeff Bezos has upped his funding for the development of lab-grown and alternative meats from $60 million to $100 million.

While he believes that this is good, he and others have overlooked the fact that no one on earth knows everything about health or nutrition, and going this way will have unintended consequences.

Regarding what looks to be one of the unintended consequences, notice the following:

Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Linked to ‘Premature Death’, Study Finds

June 14, 2024

Bill Gates’ synthetic meat products can increase the risk of severe heart disease and premature death, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of São Paulo and Imperial College London assessed the diets of more than 118,000 people living in the UK aged 40 to 69 years old. They found that those who ate Bill Gates’ fake meat products became severely sick and disease-ridden within a matter of months.

New York Post reports: Researchers found that for every 10% increase in plant-based foods, the risk of death from heart disease fell by 20%. Yet, when the increase in plant-based foods came from Bill Gates’ UPFs, it was linked to a 12% rise in heart disease-related deaths.

Lead study author Fernanda Rauber explained that the composition and processing methods of UPFs can lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol.

“Food additives and industrial contaminants present in these foods might cause oxidative stress and inflammation, further aggravating the risks,” she said. “Those shifting towards plant-based foods should also think about the degree of processing involved before making their choices.”

Dr. Eszter Vamos, co-author of the study, noted the deceptive marketing and public perception of plant-based products as healthy. “While ultra-processed foods are often marketed as healthy foods, this large study suggests that plant-based ultra-processed foods do not seem to have protective health effects and are linked to poor health outcomes,” she said.

The study found that replacing plant-based UPFs with whole foods, known to have important health and environmental benefits, decreased deaths from heart disease by 15% and reduced the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease by 7%.

Researchers claim that this study, published Monday in Lancet Regional Health, is the first to show that plant-based UPFs increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Interestingly, the government of Italy wisely took steps to ban such ‘meat’ last year:

Italy Becomes First Nation To Ban Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Due To “Serious Health Concerns”

In a first for the developed world, the European nation of Italy has decided to ban all fake meat from the country, citing “serious health concerns.”

November 8, 2023

Numerous recent studies show that lab-grown synthetic meat of the kind being promoted by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is triggering the formation of turbo cancers in humans …

In contrast to a recent decision by the Biden regime to fast-track the approval of synthetic meat here in America, Italy is taking the opposite approach by banning the stuff outright before it gets the chance to harm the Italian people.

“Italy is the first nation to say no to synthetic food, to so-called ‘synthetic meat,’” announced Health Minister Orazio Schillaci. “It does so with a formal and official act.”

“The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing, and import of synthetic foods within our territory.” …

Much of the push in favor of synthetic meat comes not only from Gates but also other globalists such as Klaus Schwab, the goon in charge of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who claim it is necessary to stop “global warming” and “climate change.”

Back in 2021 in promotion of his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Gates told MIT Technology Review that “all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef.”

Gates’ dream for the world probably will not come to fruition, at least as he envisioned it, because science continues to show that synthetic meat consumption is linked to cancer via the immortalized cell lines that the body uses to manufacture cancer cells in the presence of a provoking substance, in this case fake meat. …

Joe Biden’s regime has so far indicated its full support for the unleashing of fake meat here in the U.S., where private corporate interests seem to control just about everything.

In an unprecedented move, Biden’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the sale of Gates’ lab-grown “chicken meat” back in late June. This approval from regulators will allow fake meat companies everywhere to flood the U.S. food market with their toxic, deadly products.

Yet, the US Army wants its troops to consume fake meat, as it is accepting proposals about using it:

US Troops Could Be Used as Guinea Pigs for Lab-Grown Meat

June 13, 2-24

A public-private company that has received more than $500 million in federal funding from the Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking proposals to feed U.S. service members with lab-grown meant to reduce the carbon footprint at military outposts.

BioMADE announced June 3 on its website that it is seeking proposals for “innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at and/or transport to DOD operational environments.” The innovations include, but are not limited to, “novel cell culture methods suitable for the production of cultivated meat/protein,” or lab-grown meat, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday.

Lab-grown meat is a recent advancement in bioproduction in which animal muscle and fat tissues are grown from altered animal cells in bioreactors using a complex formula of chemicals, temperature, and pressure to mimic cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. Still in its experimental phase, the method has created a debate regarding how efficient and moral it is to manufacture meat …

Critics of the BioMADE-Pentagon partnership assert that U.S. troops should not be used as guinea pigs for an experimental process such as lab-grown meat, which is not available on store shelves, the Free Beacon reported, even though the Department of Agriculture in 2023 gave two California companies permission to sell cultured chicken to area restaurants.

“Taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund the lab-grown meat sector,” Jack Hubbard, executive director at the Center for the Environment and Welfare, a consumer group that analyzes emerging markets such as bioengineered meat, told the Free Beacon. “Our troops deserve better than to be served lab-grown meat, produced in bioreactors with immortalized cells and chemicals.

“Unfortunately, this effort is being driven by an agenda that is political and anti-farmer. Our soldiers should never be used as guinea pigs.”

A 2023 study published by the University of California-Davis suggests that “lab-grown meat’s carbon footprint [is] potentially worse than retail beef,” the Free Beacon reported.

It is not a militarily-sound policy to feed troops lab grown meat, but that is the plan. Such items look to have the potential to weaken troops.

Now, as far as why GMO meat and other foods have been pushed, notice one view:

March 12, 2023

Fake Meat Is All About Controlling the Food Supply

Fake food — including lab-grown meat, animal-free dairy and plant-based meat — is the globalists’ latest attempt to control the food supply. Former U.S. Secretary of State and national security adviser Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”2 Controlling people is their whole agenda.

“Nations, states, and central banks are quietly but rapidly shifting their money to precious metals. With bank runs, recession, CBDCs, and worse on the horizon, it’s easy to see why. NOW is the time to learn more about moving portions of your retirement or wealth to a self-directed gold and silver IRA through an America-First, Christian precious metals company.” – JD Rucker (not a financial advisor, just a guy who’s paying attention)

The globalists have long held a monopoly on the grain industry with their patented genetically modified organisms (GMOs). …

The globalists are trying to replace animal husbandry with lab-grown meat, which will allow private companies to effectively control the entire food supply.

Fake Meat Is Even Worse Than CAFOs

Many people are aware of the pitfalls of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) — unnatural diets of GMO grains, crowded conditions, inhumane treatment, excessive pollution and rampant spread of disease. CAFOs are bad — but the new fake food era is going to be even worse. …

What Is Fake Meat?

Fake meat is marketed as a health food, but it’s nothing more than a highly ultraprocessed mixture of chemicals. Impossible Foods, for instance, uses genetic engineering to insert the DNA from soy plants into yeast, creating GE yeast with the gene for soy leghemoglobin.9

Impossible Foods refers to this compound as “heme,” but technically plants produce non-heme iron, and this is GE yeast-derived soy leghemoglobin.10 Heme iron only occurs in meat and seafood. Impossible Foods’ GE heme is used in their fake meat burgers as a color additive that makes the product appear to “bleed” like real meat.

The health effects of GE heme are unknown, but this didn’t stop the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from approving soy leghemoglobin in 2019. The Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a lawsuit challenging the approval, which they called “unusually rapid”11 and risky for public health. …

Impossible Foods’ Fake Meat Is Loaded With Glyphosate, LA

Considering that many ingredients in fake meat products are made from GE soy,16 it’s not surprising that they’re also contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate. Consumer advocacy group Moms Across America (MAA) commissioned Health Research Institute Labs (HRI Labs), an independent laboratory that tests both micronutrients and toxins found in food, to determine how much glyphosate is in the Impossible Burger and its competitor, the Beyond Burger.

The total result of glyphosate and AMPA, the main metabolite of glyphosate, in the burgers was 11.3 parts per billion (ppb) in the Impossible Burger and 1 ppb in the Beyond Burger.17 …

The glyphosate in fake meat is one issue. The excess amounts of omega-6 fat in the form of linoleic acid (LA) are another. In my opinion, this metabolic poison is the primary contributor to rising rates of chronic disease.

When you shop for food, know your farmer and look for regenerative, biodynamic and/or grass fed farming methods, which are what we need to support a healthy, autonomous population.

GMOs are a risk to human health as well as the food supply. They are also dangerous for the environment (see also GMOs and Bible Prophecy).

There are many bad things that are being done related to meat. Here is a video we put out related to chicken:


Lab grown chicken?

In November 2022, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its initial approval (with two almost-automatic approvals to come) for the sale and consumption of what is called ‘lab-grown chicken.’ The FDA said that this material was safe and part of what it termed a “food revolution.” Is what was approved actually a chicken? Is this consistent with those who are “inventors of evil things” (Romans 1:30)? Have lab-grown meat and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) been proven to be safe in all ways and for sufficient lengths of time? Should human-animal chimeras be encouraged? Are there scriptures in the Bible that warn about love of money and that point to not eating something just because it may appear good to eat? Does the Bible mention that living organisms were to reproduce after their own kind? Does the Bible say to eat that which is good in Isaiah? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel go over these matters.

Here is a link to our video: Lab grown chicken?

Humanity’s tinkering with viruses and the food supply look to be setting the world up for the ride of the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse:

7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:7-8)

That said, there are also various unknown health risks with the ‘Frankenfoods’ that are being introduced into the food supply.

The Bible teaches:

2 Why do you spend money for what is not bread,
And your wages for what does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good (Isaiah 55:2).

Eat what is good.

The Continuing Church of God put out the following sermon on its ContinuingCOG channel related to food:


Evil is Affecting the Food Supply

God gave humans food and said what He made was good. What about unclean animals? What about genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)? What about ‘bioengineered foods’? What about lab meat? What about human-cloned salami? What about ‘Piggy Sooy’? Are Christians supposed to eat what is good according to Isaiah 55:2? What should we eat? What should Christians avoid eating? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters and more.

Here is a link to the following: Evil is Affecting the Food Supply.

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