Australian and Brazilian Disasters


The situations in Australia and Brazil have to be very difficult for people affected by the rains and flooding:

Deaths from Brazil floods, landslides at 361

RIO DE JANEIRO | Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:20am EST

RIO DE JANEIRO Jan 13 (Reuters) – The death toll from floods and landslides that devastated a mountainous region near Rio de Janeiro rose to 348 on Thursday, according to authorities in the three worst-affected Brazilian towns.

Heavy rains earlier in the week killed 13 people in Sao Paulo state, raising the death toll in southern Brazil to 361.

Hillsides and riverbanks in the picturesque Serrana region north of Rio collapsed after the equivalent of a month’s rain fell in 24 hours, destroying houses and killing many people as they slept early on Wednesday.

Flood-hit Brisbane faces slow recovery

Queensland premier expects rebuilding job of ‘postwar proportions’

Last Updated: Thursday, January 13, 2011

Floodwaters are slowly receding in Australia’s third-largest city, but the people of Brisbane and other flood-ravaged Queensland communities were warned Thursday that they face a recovery of “postwar proportions.”

Floodwaters poured into more than 30,000 properties in the Brisbane area before the water level peaked early in the morning.

The swollen Brisbane River, which peaked at a lower level than expected, had already begun to recede by the afternoon, though water levels were expected to stay high for several days.

An LCG elder sent the following email:

Hi Everyone
Here is a link to some photos of the devastating floods in Queensland. This disaster has been labelled by the Queensland Premier Mrs Anna Bligh as “The most devastating natural disaster in Queensland’s history”. The photos on this link tell the heartbreaking story.
Dayrell Tanner

Many in these areas probably need our prayers.

Jesus warned about a time of troubles called the beginning of sorrows:

8 … And there will be…troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows. (Mark 13:8)

We may be at this prophetic point as all the floods and other problems that have happened in the past year could be considered as “troubles”.

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