Canadian Trade Deficit Hits Record High

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada


While Canada’s economy has seemingly fared better than the USA’s lately, there are major indications of problems there:

OTTAWA — The trade deficit shot higher in July as exports fell and imports hit a two-year high, Statistics Canada said Thursday.

The trade deficit rose to 2.7 billion dollars (2.6 billion US) — more than three times the level expected by analysts of 800 million dollars, following an upwardly revised deficit of 1.8 billion dollars in June. (APF, 9 September 2010.

TORONTO, Sept 9 (Reuters) – Canada had a record high monthly trade deficit in July and the housing market stalled, data released on Thursday showed, signaling sputtering economic growth as the third quarter got under way.

The weaker data came a day after the Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate by a quarter point for a third straight time this year, bringing the rate to 1 percent, but also cautioned that a weak U.S. economy would hamper Canada’s recovery.  (Reuters, Sep 9, 2010.

Canada’s trade deficit widened more than expected in July as exports to the United States sankbecause of anemic demand while overall imports surged to their highest level since November 2008.

The shortfall in July totaled C$2.74 billion ($2.66billion), Statistics Canada said on Thursday, more than triplethe deficit forecast by analysts in a Reuters poll of C$810million. (FoxBusiness, 9 September 2010.

Although Canada has a more export-oriented economy than the USA (which is a Canadian strength), prophetically and militarily it is tied to the USA and is expected to suffer essentially the same fate.

Which is?

Unless there is national repentance, it will ultimately be taken over and probably have its lands divided.

Because of military and political considerations, in several years, the King of the North might give Russia all or parts of Alaska as well as possibly parts of Canada, as well as some people from those lands.

Canada has raised interest rates three times since June 2010 (the last time was yesterday).  Eventually, a rise in interest rates will massively and negatively affect the USA–though little has happened because of this yet.

The USA itself had a reduction in its trade deficit for July, but a reduction in deficit is not the same as a surplus.  It simply means that the USA decreased the rate of its fall–and increased the amount of money/goods/services that it owes foreign nations.

The reality is that the economies of the Anglo-nations will have ups and downs until they finally collapse (cf. Habakkuk 2:3-8) and are taken over (Daniel 11:39).

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