‘Donald Trump and the impeachment trial dividing America’

Anti- and Pro- Donald Trump images (Pixabay and Press Release)


The German press reported the following:

Donald Trump and the impeachment trial dividing America

February 8, 2021

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is set to begin this week in the US Senate. In rural Pennsylvania, support for the former US president still runs deep. …

Impeachment will only ‘divide the country further’

Paula Linn grew up in Piketown. … She was never much of a political person, but Trump changed that. Like many other Trump supporters, she believes the election was stolen.

“It is no lie that some media are covering up the 80,000 people that are about America,” she told DW, in reference to the election outcome in Pennsylvania. President Joe Biden officially won the state by some 80,000 votes.

Linn sees the upcoming impeachment trial as a mere political move. “It’s just so obvious if people watched the news, that they’re just really trying to get him out of there,” she said, adding it will only divide the country further. “It’s scary, actually, very scary ’cause we are patriots, we don’t go down easy, you know. It’s very socialist and communist what’s going on and many of us have been asleep for too long now, but we’re awake.”

Asked whether the trial will lead to more violence in the future, she doesn’t rule it out. …

Biden not ‘right man’ for unity

Just down the road, Paul Rieber is shoveling snow off his driveway. For him, the impeachment trial is “a complete waste of time and a waste of [our] tax money. It’s foolishness.” He doesn’t believe that Biden will bring the country together again, either.

“I just don’t think he’s the right man for it. He’s trying too hard to get rid of everything that Trump put in place instead of maybe making things better,” Rieber told DW.

As of February 8, Biden has signed 29 executive orders in his first month in office — a record in American history.

How will the country come together again?

On a political level, there is much disagreement on what effect the impeachment trial will have and how to bring the country together again. Steve Santarsiero, a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, believes the impeachment trial actually won’t divide people further.

“People who support him are going to support him whether he is impeached or not,” said Santarsiero.  https://www.dw.com/en/donald-trump-impeachment-trial/a-56477427

The two sides are seriously divided.

As far as the upcoming impeachment trial goes, the Associated Press reported the following:

February 8, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial is opening this week … Scheduled to begin Tuesday, …

So far, it appears there will be few witnesses called, as the prosecutors and defense attorneys speak directly to senators who have been sworn to deliver “impartial justice” as jurors. https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-donald-trump-capitol-siege-trials-acquittals-40ef81572403c82422464169e67554d7

It has NOT been my experience that US political leaders, such as Senators will try to to deliver “impartial justice” as jurors.

The impeachment trial will further demonstrate a political divide–some based on political party, and some based on personality issues.

Here is something else related to the divide in the USA:

February 7, 2021

For the past month, Democrats in Washington DC have talked about virtually nothing else other than the ‘domestic terror attack on the Capitol’ that took place on January 6th. To hear them tell it, it was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 put together, and has left them ‘permanently scarred’ and afraid of the future of America. In the meantime, just yesterday the ‘future of America’. ANIFA and Black Lives Matter, stormtrooped their way through our nation’s capitol screaming “If we don’t get it, burn it down!” “Whose streets? Our streets!” “ACAB” (All Cops Are B******s). Amazingly, not one Democrat had any issue with that at all, hmm.

From this we conclude that Democrats are not actually against domestic terrorism, as long it is the kind that they support, namely the domestic terror variety of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. When Black Lives Matter burns down $2 billion dollars of property, Democrats call it ‘protected speech’. When ANTIFA creates an autonomous zone in defiance of laws and police, Democrats call that a ‘summer of love’. When Black Lives Matter militants murdered retired black police officer David Dorn, Democrats don’t call it anything at all, because he was the ‘wrong kind’ of black, and his black life didn’t matter to the Democrats one bit. https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/domestic-terror-groups-black-lives-matter-antifa-washington-dc-burn-it-down-democrats-supports-riots/

Let me state that the mainstream press says reports such as the above are not correct and that Antifa, BLM, etc. are not engaging in terror.

The USA is “an hypocritical nation” that will be destroyed (Isaiah 10:5–11, KJV).

That being said, as far as Donald Trump himself goes, he is a divisive figure.

Here is something I warned about in my book Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse:

For one prophetic example, on September 5, 2016, I warned that the media would fan the flames for civil unrest if Donald Trump were elected. The morning after his election I warned that we would see civil unrest. Less than 24 hours later, tens of thousands, of various backgrounds, were protesting (Blau M, et al. Protesters target Trump buildings in massive street rallies. CNN, November 10, 2016) and certain ones in the media helped fan those flames of those protests. Expect more protests against Donald Trump. (Thiel B. Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, pp. 15-16)

Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure … Expect civil unrest and rioting. The Bible prophesies “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25). (Thiel B.Donald Trump and America’s Apocalypse. Nazarene Books, 2017, p. 86)

That has happened. And Donald Trump still is a polarizing and divisive figure.

Furthermore, it should be noted that President Joe Biden is a divisive figure. Vice-President Kamala Harris is an extremely divisive and polarizing figure. They both are very opposed to views of those who hold to certain aspects of biblical morality.

Here is something from my book Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

Jesus, Himself, predicted:

7 For there will be an intifada of ethnic group against ethnic group, (Matthew 24:7a, Orthodox Jewish Bible)

17 … Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. (Luke 11:17b, NKJV)

“Intifada” essentially means rebellion or uprising. We have seen that in protests and riots in the past, and a Biden-Harris Administration looks to trigger racial protests. Further dividing of the U.S.A. will not end well. …

As a non-partisan, it is sometimes difficult to write certain parts of this book as some people are bound to believe that I am intentionally taking a partisan stance.

I am not.

I am not a Republican nor a Democrat nor part of any political party. Nor do I consider myself an independent or some type of anarchist. My views would be that of a biblical Christian who earnestly holds to true and original Christian beliefs (cf. Jude 3).

(Perhaps it should be mentioned that when Donald Trump was President of the United States, I also had a book about him,[i] and at least 20 predictions I published related to him and his Administration came to pass.)

While I wish that the future of the United States in the next decade or so would be its greatest years, the moral direction that the U.S. has taken, along with various statements in the Bible, point to the fact that we are getting closer to the end of America.

It is reasonable to believe that not everything that a Biden-Harris Administration may do will be good, and not all that Administration may do will be bad. The same goes for other political leaders.

Regarding Biden-Harris views on abortion, notice the following items:

Biden will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his  Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate Roe v. Wade. Restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood. … Restore the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate in place before the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. [ii]

Pro-life leaders have warned against Joe Biden’s “aggressively pro-abortion” pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has a long track record in taking legal action against pro-life organizations. [iii]

Harris is so pro-abortion that serving in the Senate, she has maintained a 100% rating from the pro-abortion rights group National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL). [iv]

Here is information on the Biden-Harris LGBTQ plans:

As President, Biden will restore the United States’ standing as a global leader defending LGBTQ+ rights and development … [v]

As President, Biden will … Decriminalize HIV exposure and transmission laws … ban so-called “conversion therapy.” [vi]

The Bible says that those who are homosexual can change (1 Corinthians 6:9-11), and the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution supposedly guarantees the right of free assembly. So how any government in the U.S.A. can outlaw “conversion therapy” shows that the U.S.A. has declined deeply in this area.

Many have questioned Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ morality. From their pro-abortion positions to their plan to globally promote the LGBTQ+ agenda while restricting religious rights of those who have differing standards, these would biblically be considered as noticeable moral flaws.

Notice also the following:

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team leader for US-owned media outlets wants to redefine freedom of speech and make “hate speech” a crime. Richard Stengel is the Biden transition “Team Lead” for the US Agency for Global Media …

“In general, hate speech is speech that attacks and insults people on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin and sexual orientation,” Stengel wrote. [vii]

Does any of that matter? Global media, ‘big tech,’ and many governments have already censored scriptures (and even I have been directly censored by Vimeo, at least once, for tying certain world events in with biblical prophecies).

Notice also some of what the Bible says and it teaches:

8 Now go, write it before them on a tablet, And note it on a scroll, That it may be for time to come, Forever and ever:

9 That this is a rebellious people, Lying children, Children who will not hear the law of the Lord;

10 Who say to the seers, “Do not see,”

And to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us right things; Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits. 11 Get out of the way, Turn aside from the path, Cause the Holy One of Israel To cease from before us.” (Isaiah 30:8-11)

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight! (Isaiah 5:20-21)

1 Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins. (Isaiah 58:1)

More and more people do not want to hear the truths related to the law of God or prophecies from His word.

Consider also that if some are insulted because their sins are called out, at least some associated with the Biden-Harris team want to make that a crime!

Yes, various ones want to further stifle religious speech to the point of persecuting those who hold to aspects of biblical morality. …

Consider the following about American society in 2021:

Never before in our lifetime have we seen such an abundance of widespread corruption, treacherous behavior, and blatant hypocrisy within our government. Its ruling mandate has now become, “Do as I say, not as I do”. [viii]

The Bible also teaches that the Assyrians will be used to punish “an hypocritical nation” (or hypocritical people, as the Hebrew can be translated) that refuses to repent:

5 O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation. 6 I will send him against an hypocritical nation (Isaiah 10:5–6, KJV).

5 … But the Assyrian shall be his king, Because they refused to repent. (Hosea 11:5)

Christians all need to recall that when Jesus came, He clearly condemned the hypocritical religious leaders of His day (e.g. Luke 11:44), more directly than he condemned the physically more obvious sinners (Matthew 9:10–13).

This is not to say that non-Anglo-Saxon nations do not have sin or that they will not be punished. The European Assyrians will clearly also be punished, per Isaiah 10:12-19, but the punishment will begin first on those who should have known better. That is, the punishment will begin on those who have claimed to live rightly, but have repeatedly failed to do so. Those who receive biblical blessing should not be surprised when they receive biblical curses for disobedience (cf. Deuteronomy 28:1-68).

While the gospel warning message will be made fairly clear to the English-speaking peoples by the “Philadelphia Christians,” prior to Daniel 11:39, because the Anglo-American nations are not likely to heed that warning, they will have to answer for their relative lack of response (cf. Ezekiel 33:7-9) and their survivors will be taken captive (cf. Habakkuk 2:7).

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(Thiel B. Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction. Nazarene Books, 2021)

Despite Joe Biden’s words about unifying the nation, he and Kamala Harris want the USA in their own image: Fiercely pro-abortion, radically pro-LGBTQ+, dangerously pro-alien, pushing racial discrimination, and anti-true freedom of religion.

The Bible warns, “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25)–and the mainstream media seems inclined to provoke some of that itself as it shares the Biden-Harris agenda.

Jesus taught:

25 Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

We are seeing more divide in the USA and parts of it certainly appear to be intentional. Much of it is ideological. The USA is becoming less and less united and more polarized.

This division will not end well for the USA (cf. Habakkuk 2:6-8; Daniel 11:39).

While Jesus and the Kingdom of God is the what the USA needs, the USA will first have to go through a horrific 3 1/2 years.

The end of the USA/UK world order is coming and the final Time of the Gentiles is getting nearer.

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