Dow Dropped 486

The Strength of Dollars Have Long Been Part of the “Pride of the Power” of the USA (which will be broken per Leviticus 26:19)


While many around the United States and the rest of the world rejoiced yesterday with Barack Obama’s victory, Wall Street had a down day:


Floored: Dow Plunges 486 Points

Matt Egan

Election-Day euphoria vanished in a cloud of negativity on Wednesday as the Dow plummeted almost 500 points, its worst post-election plunge on record. The losses narrowly surpassed the Dow’s 4.51% decline the day after Franklin Roosevelt’s win in 1932 during the Great Depression…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 486.01 points, or 5.05%, to 9139.27, the broader S&P 500 dropped 52.98 points, or 5.27%, to 952.77 and the Nasdaq Composite slid 98.48 points, or 5.53%, to 1681.64. The consumer-friendly FOX 50 fell 42.13 points, 5.49%, to 724.71…

Economy Back in Focus

Obama’s election was widely expected on Wall Street and elsewhere, so Wednesday’s losses likely weren’t a knee-jerk reaction to his victory.

“The election of Obama does not change anything from an economic, credit or housing point of view. Nothing has changed other than the fact that people will now stop focusing on the election and start to focus on the economy,” said Kenneth Polcari, managing director at ICAP Equities.

There was no shortage of economic news on Wednesday for Wall Street to focus on. Unfortunately, none of it was positive.

The ADP Employment survey released Wednesday showed the U.S. lost a higher-than-expected 157,000 private-sector jobs last month. However, the ADP report has had limited success recently in predicting the government’s more closely-watched report.

Another key economic report showed the nation’s service sector contracted further in October, giving yet more evidence of a U.S. recession. The Institute for Supply Management, a private research firm, said its non-manufacturing index fell to 44.4 last month, down from 50.2 in September.

Looming in the not-too-distant future is Friday’s all-important monthly jobs report, which is expected to show the U.S. lost 175,000 jobs in October on top of the 160,000 lost the month before…

Global Markets

Overseas, Asian investors responded positively to Obama’s victory. Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index gained 406.64, or 4.46%, to 9521.24. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index gained 455.82 points, or 3.17%, to 14840.16.

European reaction was more tepid as London’s FTSE 100 closed down 2.4% and Germany’s Dax lost 2.1%.

However, on Tuesday (the day of the election), the stock market went up.  Despite some of the more socialistic policies of Barack Obama (which like certain ones of the current Bush administration will likely increase total US debt), it is likely that the stock market will go both up and down during his administration.  Ultimately, however, the US dollar will not be worth the cotton-paper that it is written upon.

But as I have been writing for a long while, since the Great Tribulation cannot begin prior to 2012 (because of Daniel 9:27 and other factors, and most likely not until 1-4 years later than 2012), if the Great Tribulation begins under Barack Obama’s watch, it will not begin until sometime in his possibly second term.

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