D’Souza ‘America: Imagine a World Without Her;’ COGwriter ‘The Bible tells of it’


A reader sent me a link to the following related to an interview of the author of the new book America: Imagine a World Without Her:

Dinesh D’Souza’s dire warning: Americans ‘are being prepared for a political and financial shakedown’

June 5, 2014

You talk about the prospect of a Hillary presidency, and obviously, as you know, Hillary follows the same playbook – she wrote her thesis on Alinsky. If Hillary were to be elected, that would potentially mean 16 years of an Alinsky-ite practitioner in the White House. What does that mean for the American who is at the bottom?

D’Souza: Well it took 200 years to build America, and it’s not easy to unmake America, even in two presidential terms. You need more time, and you also need a powerful movement behind you. Now, Obama I believe is a global redistributionist. Most Democrats think he’s a domestic redistributionist, and he is. But he also wants to redistribute wealth away from America and to the rest of the world.

Now, to answer your question – what does this mean for the little guy – well, remember that the little guy in America is rich by world standards. If you made a global division of wealth, the guy at the bottom in America would be in the top quintile, the top fifth of affluent people in the world. So if you’re a global redistributionist, you recognize, or you believe that even the poor guy in America has got to pay because if we’re going to have global redistribution, wealth has to be transferred even away from the American poor toward even poorer people in other countries.

And so I think what we’re going to see under progressive rule is the impoverishment of America across the board. And as for the guy a the bottom, he’s going to discover that there are floors below the ground floor in America – there’s a basement that he hasn’t yet experienced and that will not be pleasant to live in…

I think that with Obama, we’re seeing new lows and new aberrations that did not occur before. I mean it’s to me inconceivable that the Bush administration would go after Michael Moore in that way, or even that Clinton would unleash the IRS against his opponents. Carter certainly would never dream of doing such a thing.

A post USA world?  The Bible tells of it.  And the post-USA world will be much worse than D’Souza thinks. Jeremiah warned about the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) which will befall the USA and its Anglo-Saxon allies.  This will coincide with the final time of the Gentiles that Jesus warned about in Luke 21:20-24.

Now some believe other factors are building up in the USA to cause destruction.  A different reader sent the following to me also today which I did not write:

Do you really think that an economic collapse will happen in the next 6 months?

Yes. Look at the data and hard facts and tell me what alternatives there are. The middle class is holding up the rest of society, they pay the overwhelming majority of taxes, and without them the government will collapse. ObamaCare will put the average middle class family into a debt of $5,147 per year. They’ll be unable to buy anything, bankrupting business both small and large. As companies close their doors, unemployment rates will skyrocket. Those same 86 million working adults will now find themselves out of jobs, meaning they won’t have money for anything – even to pay the government. And when that happens, the government will suddenly be unable to perform even the most basic functions, or bailout Americans who are suddenly homeless and jobless because of the collapse.

Now, while the USA will be destroyed, Jesus warned about a coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21), it is not in the next six months.  That will be the time when the USA is taken over and destroyed.  That will not be before 2018, in my view, at the earliest, but that does not mean that sorrows (Matthew 24:4-8) will not increase prior to that, and affect the USA.  Sorrows may well increase.

The Bible clearly warns that the one who was “great among the nations” has “become a slave” and was “dealt treacherously” by “her friends” (Lamentations 1:1-2).  The moral decay of the USA and its Anglo-Saxon allies, combined with various financial policies and practices are not in accordance to how God would have them.

This will not end up well for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now, however, there is good news coming.  After Jesus returns, the world ruled by Him and His saints will be much better than the world order that we now have.

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