EU taking legal steps as UK pushing to scrap Northern Ireland protocol


The situation between the UK and EU is getting more testy:

A trade dispute between the U.K. and the EU erupts over post-Brexit deal

June 16, 2022

When the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, Northern Ireland stayed behind in one significant way.

The country effectively remained part of the EU’s single market for goods, a concept that allows goods to move freely among the member states. That condition was called the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This week, the U.K. government announced a proposal to rework part of the agreement it made with the EU during Brexit in a move one European official called “illegal.”

It’s set off an international trade dispute between the U.K. and the EU, and threatened to disrupt the relative peace in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement was reached in 1998.

“When we look at people’s concerns around the protocol, above all else, no matter what background people are from, their concern is for political stability in Northern Ireland,” Katy Hayward, a professor of political sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, told NPR.

“I think this is why a majority of people are very keen for the UK and the EU to find their way back to the negotiating table fairly quickly.”

EU legal proceedings ensue over UK Northern Ireland protocol bill

June 16, 2022

The UK faces the prospect of being hauled before Europe’s highest court and potential fines if the Government fails to engage in new discussions over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The European Commission recommenced legal proceedings yesterday (15 June) against the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill was put forward on Monday overriding elements of the post-Brexit settlement agreement signed in January 2020.

If the UK does not comply with a requirement, within two months, to reengage in discussions under the so-called infringement proceedings – launched in March last year but put on hold in September – European officials could take the Government to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

At best, the UK could face a penalty payment for its unilateral action for severing parts of the protocol. But in the wider scheme of things, concerns have been raised about a potential trade war, just as both sides battle inflationary pressures and ongoing supply disruptions linked to the pandemic.

“We are proceeding a step further with the infringement process we launched in March 2021 regarding, for instance, the movement of agri-food,” Commission vice president Maroš Šefčovič said. “This UK bill is extremely damaging to mutual trust and respect between the EU and the UK.”

He added: “Let there be no doubt: there is no legal, nor political justification whatsoever for unilaterally changing an international agreement. Opening the door to unilaterally changing an international agreement is a breach of international law as well. Let’s call a spade a spade: this is illegal.” …

Šefčovič said: “Our proposals are all about simplification and therefore in stark contrast with, for instance, a dual regulatory regime proposed by the UK. A dual set of rules – EU and UK – would lead to a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy, enough to burry a small business in Northern Ireland that wants to profit from access to both the UK’s internal and EU’s single market at once.”

He added: “The UK has stated that for us to talk, the EU must be willing to change the protocol. On the contrary, we have always said that our package of proposals has never been a take-it-or-leave-it offer. It can evolve.”

June 16, 2022

Germany told European Union nations that relations between the UK and the bloc reached a new low and they should be ready for a serious fight if London enacts the bill it proposed to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The comments, which came in a closed-door meeting with EU ambassadors, made clear that Berlin’s patience with the UK is wearing thin, according to people familiar with the matter.

The EU is already fuming mad at the UK because of its departure from the EU (known as Brexit).

As far as to why the UK is doing this, basically the government wants to push against EU rules and also wants the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Here is some information related to the DUP:

16 June 2022

DUP MP Ian Paisley has said his party is “holding out” until the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill advances further through Westminster before returning to Stormont power-sharing. …

Mr Paisley said the DUP would show “good faith” if the bill goes through the houses “expeditiously”.

“I spoke yesterday to the Secretary of State, and I spoke yesterday to other very senior members of the government,” the North Antrim MP told the BBC’s Good Morning Ulster programme.

Here is something that Wikipedia had today about the DUP:

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is a unionist and loyalist political party in Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1971 during the Troubles by Ian Paisley, who led the party for the next 37 years. …

Jeffrey Donaldson was ratified as DUP leader on 30 June 2021, and said his top priority was to get rid of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the post-Brexit trade arrangements.[89] Hours after he became leader, MLA Alex Easton left the DUP, saying the party no longer had any “respect, discipline or decency”.[90] This meant the DUP were no longer the biggest party in the Assembly.

As part of the party’s protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol, the DUP’s Paul Givan resigned as First Minister in February 2022, collapsing the Northern Ireland Executive.[91]

In April, shortly before the 2022 Assembly election, all of the DUP’s officers in South Down refused to endorse the party’s candidate Diane Forsythe and resigned from the DUP.[92]

So, the DUP wants the protocol gone or at least changed.

But the European Union really does not want to change it.

The EU wants the world to accept its standards and what the UK is proposing would be a slight deviation from some of those standards and to the EU, that is unacceptable.

Those is Ireland, and even most in Northern Ireland, did not want the UK to leave the European Union.

Although most in Northern Ireland still seem to want to be in the UK, most in the Republic of Ireland seem to want the entire island as part of it, or at least part of the EU.

I have long warned about trade issues being one of several factors in motivating the EU to one day take military action against the UK and USA.

The legal action that the EU is pursuing is a very small step in that direction.

The EU will not forgive the UK for Brexit, and with the proposal by the UK to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol, this is giving the EU further reasons to be angry with the UK.

The UK, and its American allies, will one day be no more–and that will mainly happen through military action that will be led by a more militaristic Europe (cf. Daniel 8:24-25, 11:39′ Revelation 13:3-5).

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