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Muammar al-Gaddafi


This morning, I received the following from ICG’s Mark Armstrong:

For all the predictions of his imminent resignation, death or flight from Libya, Gadaffi remains and there are constant reports of civilian demonstrators coming under attack from mercenaries or the Libyan military. Truth be told, it’s a little difficult to know just what is going on in Libya. News anchors seem to take the word of various callers who report in, and occasionally air cell phone video of ongoing demonstrations. There is no question that Gadaffi is damaged goods, from a mental standpoint, and an unrepentant psychopath. Now there is near constant debate as to whether the U.S. or NATO forces should intervene in Libya.

We’ve all seen firsthand the results of the trouble in Libya, and other oil producers across the Middle East. Although the supply of oil is still flowing (with Saudi Arabia promising to make up for the interruption in Libya) prices at the pump have soared. Even the rich gulf kingdoms are being targeted by protest movements, and concerned that it could turn very ugly. The trouble brewing across the region is leading speculators to bid up future prices of oil on the commodities market, and that’s exactly what’s going on…

It seems like every news brake opens with the sounds of chanting mobs somewhere. You have to look closely to see if it’s in the Middle East or maybe Wisconsin. Is it mere coincidence that so many of these events are transpiring at the same time? Or is it true that several of the same groups, and organizers, in some cases people who are in close consultation with the White House, are actually planning and promoting the chaos.

The western world was already in deep economic trouble long before all the disruptions across the Middle East began. A spike in oil prices, along with the accompanying assurance that everything will soon cost more can only exacerbate an already bad situation.

Islam is most assuredly on the march, and making frightening gains across the board. Europe is congealing into what critics are calling a totalitarian empire. Whether by accident or design, the U.S. is in decline from nearly every standpoint. Gold is soaring. The stock market suffered repeated setbacks on the week’s news, and it’s getting harder by the day to view current events as a minor bump in the road. No, these are earthshaking events, ready or not.

The situation in Libya will change and the final King of the South will rise up.  The more chaos there becomes in the world in general, and the Middle East/North Africa in particular, the more the stage is being set for the people there to desire to support such a leader.

Libya: Fierce Fighting In East And West

Sky News – Steph Oliver – ‎5 March 2011

Forces loyal to Colonel Muammer Gaddafi have launched a series of fierce attacks in key areas of east and west Libya.

Scores killed as Kadafi loyalists, rebels clash in Libyan port city of Zawiya

Los Angeles Times – ‎5 March 2011
Fighting continues on multiple fronts in Libya. Moammar Kadafi reportedly renews his assault on Zawiya, west of Tripoli. A rebel organizer says opposition forces continue to hold the city but expect another attack.

Both sides in Libya are claiming that they are making progress–which seems to mean that people are dying.  Time will probably tell fairly soon what will happen there.

But things are happening elsewhere.

Of course, as Mark Armstrong reported the USA is declining.  Its approach to subjects such as abortion and homosexuality have distorted the ability of its leaders to properly understand economic issues, hence the massive accumulation of debt.  The USA will have some ups and downs, but the overall trend will be down (despite some ups that are expected).

These troubles will precede the end (Mark 13:5-8), but the end will come.  And that end will include the end of the USA as a nation (Daniel 11:39; Habakkuk 2:3,5,6-8).

Watch (cf. Mark 13:33-37).

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