LA Times: ‘Ruthless Hillary Clinton returns’

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Kai Moerk 2012)


The Los Angeles Times reported the following, with some additional information below that report from Fox:

‘Ruthless’ Hillary Clinton returns as the ’90s make a comeback

February 11, 2014, 5:00 a.m.

The ‘90s are back, all but the shoulder pads and bad hair, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is right in the middle of it once more, as much cultural avatar as political potentate.

The decade that brought unending political scandals…

Then, this week, came a piece on the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website that cited papers archived at the University of Arkansas after the death of Diane Blair, a close Clinton friend.

The papers — a collection of Blair’s diary-like accounts of conversations, campaign memos and the like — are a sometimes wrenching trip via the wayback machine, as she recounts the Clintons’ arduous transition from Arkansas to Washington.  In the most quotable comment, Hillary Clinton is said to have called Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon” whose relationship with Bill Clinton resulted from a moral lapse on his part, albeit one driven by the pressures facing the couple in the capital…

“What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary,” the memo said…

As she ponders a potential reprise in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s supporters point to her walloping lead among Democratic contenders; the broad sentiment is that the nomination is hers should she want it.

Whether or not that’s the case, the last week serves as a reminder that a campaign by Clinton will be less a cakewalk than an extended Groundhog Day. Her supporters have 30 years of political activity to tout Clinton’s preparedness; her detractors will have 30 years of Clinton messes to dredge up.

And dredge they will, for their own political imperatives.,0,6790045.story#ixzz2t1Y9ZLP4

The Hillary Papers: Archive of ‘closest friend’ paints portrait of ‘ruthless’ first lady

On May 12, 1992, Stan Greenberg and Celinda Lake, top pollsters for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, issued a confidential memo. The memo’s subject was “Research on Hillary Clinton.”

Voters admired the strength of the Arkansas first couple, the pollsters wrote. However, “they also fear that only someone too politically ambitious, too strong, and too ruthless could survive such controversy so well.”

Their conclusion: “What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary.”

The full memo is one of many previously unpublished documents contained in the archive of one of Hillary Clinton’s best friends and advisers, documents that portray the former first lady, secretary of State, and potential 2016 presidential candidate as a strong, ambitious, and ruthless Democratic operative.

The papers of Diane Blair, a political science professor Hillary Clinton described as her “closest friend” before Blair’s death in 2000, record years of candid conversations with the Clintons on issues ranging from single-payer health care to Monica Lewinsky.

It was only a couple of weeks ago (January 26, 2014) that I wrote an article (not just a news post) about Hillary Clinton titled Hillary Clinton in Prophecy which contains some information about the scandals she was involved in in the 1990s. She has also been involved in others since such as Benghazi, which resulted in the deaths of four American officials.  Here is something related to her about that:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said…that the “biggest regret” from her time as the nation’s top diplomat was the 2012 attack on Americans in Benghazi.

During a question-and-answer session at a meeting of the National Automobile Dealers Association, Clinton called the loss of four Americans in the attacks “a terrible tragedy” and a “great personal loss.”

Some feel that Hillary Clinton was responsible for not taking action when she possible could of, while others disagree.  Most feel that she was a hard working Secretary of State, however.

Although she lost the presidential nomination to him, Hillary Clinton was a tough campaigner against Barack Obama in 2007/2008.

Despite her claim to be a Christian (Methodist), her views on subjects such as abortion and homosexual marriage are opposed to scripture.

Will Hillary Clinton win if she runs in 2016?

Perhaps, as the Bible tells of a time that women rule (Isaiah 3:12).  Since this has already happened in the Anglo-Saxon nations of the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, all of which have had female prime ministers, it may be that the USA will have a female president.  And in the current political environment (which is subject to change), she seems to have a major chance to become USA president (though US Vice President Joseph Biden last week indicated that he had interest in that position himself, so there could be opposition in her own party to her).

The truth is that Hillary Clinton often seems well meaning and determined. Americans are so concerned about the economy and how they perceive their personal needs that most do not care that some of the policies that Hillary Clinton has advocated has encouraged other sins in this nation.

Now, if Hosea 10:7-8 has end time connotations (and part of it seems to, cf. Revelation 6:16), and presuming that the Hebrew word translated as ”king” literally means a male, then it would not seem to be possible that Hillary Clinton could be the last President of the United States. However, presuming she has a male for Vice-President, he could be the last.

Although Hillary Clinton, of herself, personally will not cause the end of the world, she has taken steps that will help lead to the end of the world as we know it (cf. Romans 1:18-32). And that will not be good for the United States.

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