LCG: Europeans Contributing to African Fishing Stock Depletion


The Europeans, who have historically objected to fishing stock depletion, are apparently contributing to this problem in Africa:

EU Is Helping Devastate African Fish Stocks: Over the last six years, the EU has spent more than £500 million (about $780 million USD) purchasing fishing rights in the developing world—primarily Africa. This, because the EU has almost exhausted its own fishing stocks. One conservative MP and former MEP noted how “wrong” this action has been: “These deals—funded with taxpayers’ money—are morally wrong. It is depleting the stocks and taking the fish from locals” (Times, June 24, 2012). Some sources calculate that “a European super-trawler can catch and process in one day the amount of fish that 50 traditional fishing boats would take in a year” (ibid.). But the EU is not the only one to blame. Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese and Icelandic fishing factories are also overfishing in African waters (Guardian, April 2, 2012). Long ago, God placed humans on earth to “tend and keep” or be good stewards of the earth (Genesis 2:15). God also gave principles for ensuring the survival of species, by leaving enough for species perpetuation (Deuteronomy 22:6-7). Modern factory fishing takes even the smallest of fish, reducing species perpetuation. The earth today actually cries out in agony, desperately awaiting right government and stewardship (Romans 8:19-23). Christ Himself warns that He will destroy those who selfishly destroy the earth (Revelation 11:18). Thankfully this selfish, Satan-inspired world is coming to an end and will soon be replaced by a world of peace and abundance. There will be a time in the future when fish stocks are renewed and people will enjoy fishing again in a more godly way (Ezekiel 47:10). For more information on that fantastic future time, review our free booklet, The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like?

The fish depletion is not just a European or African problem. Much of the world is starting to notice that fishing stocks in the ocean are being depleted.

Greed and lack of international cooperation are currently the biggest causes of this crisis.

When more food shortages and food inflation take place, this too will increase pressure on fish stocks.

The Bible warns of famines of course (Matthew 24:7-8; cf. Revelation 6:5-6) as part of the beginning of sorrows. But it also warns that the time will come when fishing stocks will be even more dramatically affected (Revelation 8:8-11) and ultimately they apparently will be gone (Revelation 16:3).

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