‘Now the EU is going after video platforms like BitChute that refuse to censor content critical of LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter propaganda’


Natural News reported the following:

Now the EU is going after video platforms like BitChute that refuse to censor content critical of LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter propaganda

The alternative media streaming platform BitChute, which is based out of the United Kingdom, has issued new guidelines against free speech that conform to the “hate speech” requirements of both its country and the European Union.

After consulting with the U.K.’s Office of Communications (Ofcom), BitChute determined that the wording of its “Incitement to Hatred” guidelines was too narrow and needed to be altered in order to better cover the scope of the U.K.’s regulations against “extremism.” …

Now, terrorism and violent extremism has been redefined by BitChute to include the prohibition of content coming from entities that have been “designated under counterterrorism legislation” as no longer having freedom of speech.

“In addition, those designated by the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Nations, the European Union or any member state of the European Union will be prohibited on the platform,” BitChute says. …

As for “Incitement to Hatred,” BitChute defines this as “any material likely to incite hatred against a group of persons or a member of a group of persons based on specific grounds,” including sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age and sexual orientation.

This expansive list will almost certainly be used to silence critics of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Cult of LGBTQ, and various other protected left-wing groups that cry “hate” every time someone says or does something that upsets them.

BitChute says that it will no longer allow content that is in any way “derogatory, denigrating” or that contains “demonising statements” against a group of people or members of a group.

“When material is confirmed by our moderators as being in violation of the Incitement to Hatred prohibition, it will be restricted to prevent viewing within a specific set of geographical areas,” BitChute says about its new process.

These geographical areas include the U.K. and Northern Ireland, member states of the E.U., states that form the European Union Economic Area, and any territories within any of these states. https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-17-eu-silencing-bitchute-censorship-lgbtq-blm-propaganda.html

One of the reasons we have videos on BitChute is because of concerns of censorship from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, both of which have removed one of our videos (see Censored: Vimeo removes Bible News Prophecy video ‘COVID-19 Leading to 666?’ and YouTube censors and removes BNP video: Disney’s abominable promotions!) because of their censorship.

Related to the YouTube video removal, which had to do with LGBTQ+ matters, we have suggested going to our BitChute channel:

Clearly, YouTube and others are feeling more emboldened to silence biblical views they do not want others to hear.

The Bible has long taught that a famine of the word is coming (Amos 8:11-12) and I have warned for years that internet censorship would be part of it (see also Preparing for the ‘Short Work’ and The Famine of the Word).

Sadly, we look to only be in the first stages of this prophesied censorship.

That being said, remember that Jesus said:

4 I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4)

Following His example, as we long have not trusted YouTube, that is a reason we use other channels, like BitChute and Brighteon. Both of which have the censored video up. Here is a link to the BitChute channel:

Disney’s abominable promotions!

Is Disney promoting abominations? According to the Bible it most certainly is. In addition to “Out” which is focused about a homosexual male and “Onward” which also condoned homosexuality, it is a big promoter of “Pride Month.” So, much so that on June 27, 2021, Disney+ intends to stream “This is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular” hosted by “Nina West” that stage name of Andrew Levitt, who was born male but now dresses and performs as a female–contrary to scriptures like Deuteronomy 22:5. Is Disney inviting the wrath of God? Were pride, sexual immorality, and going after “strange flesh” reasons that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed? What should parents and children do? What does the Bible teach? Dr. Thiel discusses and addresses these issues with scriptures and other information.


Here is a link to the YouTube removed video, from our BitChute Prophecy channel: Disney’s abominable promotions! …

Last year, Big Tech essentially shutdown both BitChute and Brighteon near the November 2020 election apparently to stop views it did not like.

Since we in the CCOG have had problems with YouTube and Vimeo (who pulled an accurate and, later confirmed, video of ours related to COVID), we have added other channels for our videos–including Brighteon and BitChute (for a list with links, go to CCOG’s Multimedia page)….

While we can use alternatives to some of Big Tech, these are only temporary as we are getting closer to the prophesied time of the famine of the word (Amos 8:11-12)–and that will also render the alternatives essentially useless. (Thiel B. YouTube censors and removes BNP video: Disney’s abominable promotions! COGwriter, June 21, 2021)

Now, relying on BitChute as an open door to proclaim aspects of the truth might be a problem in the future. And that is consistent with what I warned here last month!

Telling the truth, and even religious opinions, continues to come under fire–and many seem fine with blanket censorship, deplatforming, shadow banning, etc.

Loss of freedom to get the truth out related to the word of God was prophesied:

11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread,
Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea,
And from north to east;
They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
But shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12)

Notice that the Bible tells of a time that will come when the word of God will not be found. I do not believe that this means that there will be no more Bibles–but that those wanting to better understand it will have trouble finding explanations.

I have warned for years that government pressures/regulations of the Internet would result in the fulfillment of Amos 8:11-12.

I still stand by that position and we keep seeing censorship and steps to make more happen.

We are getting closer to the time of Amos 8:11-12 being fulfilled. More and more are starting to see that there are plans to censor speech from the internet.

That is part of why we in the Continuing Church of God are preparing for the ‘short work’ (Romans 9:28) and the coming ‘famine of the word.’

Consider, however, that Jesus said:

4 I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4)

We in the Continuing Church of God are doing the work we can now, while realizing that the night is coming when no one can work.

Yes, we still can reach people now–and that is why we are also trying out smaller alternatives to Big Tech–even though some have problems with them.

Philadelphian Christians want to respond to the doors that Christ opens to proclaim the gospel (2 Corinthians 2:12; 1 Corinthians 16:8-9; Colossians 4:2-4) and do the work. We are standing up for the truth and going through available doors despite realizing that the ‘famine of the word’ that the prophet Amos referred to is coming. We must do the work and persevere to the end.

Many in and out of the government are watching the internet and have plans to deal with more materials that they some day hope to silence. And yes, we know that there will be massive government persecution (cf. Daniel 7:25; see also Persecutions by Church and State).

Yet, there is good news as the Kingdom of God will come and replace the Babylonian (Revelation 13:16-18) system that we see being put together today.

Yet, have no doubts, the type of European totalitarian Beast society that the Bible warned about for the end times is truly taking shape.

Denmark’s decision is simply a small step consistent with that.

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