PCG: Will the EU Become the ‘Geopolitical Player’ Germany Always Wanted?; COGwriter: Yes, But Not How Olaf Scholz Wants It.


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Will the EU Become the ‘Geopolitical Player’ Germany Always Wanted?

July 26, 2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on the European Union to “become a geopolitical player” on July 17. The EU, which started as a mere economic alliance, is suddenly emerging to become a major global power. But this will require major reforms. That’s why Scholz urged member states to end their “selfish blocking of European decisions.”

Scholz noted that the EU has recently made major progress toward the goal of becoming a real superpower, but he believes that this is just the start. Scholz wrote:

With the historic decisions of recent months, the European Union has taken a major step in this direction. … Our goal must be to close ranks in all the fields where we in Europe have been struggling for solutions for too long: On migration policy, for example, on building a European defense, on technological sovereignty and democratic resilience. Germany will make concrete proposals in this regard in the coming months.

Germany proposed a common defense union even before joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1955, and it has never given up on the idea. But as Scholz noted, what hindered progress then and today is opposition by other nations. He continued:

Permanent disunity, permanent dissent among member states weakens us. That is why Europe’s most important response to the turning point of the times is unity. We absolutely must maintain it and we must deepen it. For me, that means an end to the selfish blocking of European decisions by individual member states. No more national go-it-alones that harm Europe as a whole. We simply can no longer afford national vetoes, for example in foreign policy, if we want to continue to be heard in a world of competing great powers.

Unity is a wonderful thing. But what does Scholz mean by “the selfish blocking of European decisions by individual member states”? When decisions are made (and most of the time the initiative comes from the biggest member state, Germany), every nation has to agree. This principle protects individual countries from having policies forced on them by larger states. But it also brings up a problem: If one member state blocks the decision, nothing gets done. Scholz is right: Unless this changes, Europe cannot become a superstate. Imagine what power Europe would have if it were to unite as Scholz demands.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Plain Truth magazine, wrote about Europe’s ambitious unification project from its very founding and predicted where it would lead. He wrote:

[I]f 300 million Europeans were united and could speak with one voice, this would excel any might in the world today …. [There is] one thing you can count on. In fact it is so sure you can bank on it: The cry of a political union in Europe will get louder and before long we will see the Common Market develop into a United States of Europe.

The history of the European Union has shown that Germany wants this “one voice” to be its own and force others to submit to it. https://www.thetrumpet.com/25914-will-the-eu-become-the-geopolitical-player-germany-always-wanted

Before going further, let me add that the EU currently has about 450 million people and is closer to 500 million if it let’s in the nations that have applied, whose applications it has accepted.

Olaf Scholz has basically called for Europe to reorganize, with Germany leading it. The Bible shows that it will in Revelation 17:12-13:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13)

(More on the reorganization is discussed in the article: Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?)

So yes, Europe will reorganize, but not how Olaf Scholz wants it.

And Europe, according to the 13th, 17th, and 18th chapters of the Book of Revelation, will have major geopolitical influence.

Related to this, the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) put together the following Bible News Prophecy video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel, the audio portion of which was sent to be broadcast on the European Gospel Radio station AM 1323 kHz for Monday 25 July 2022 at 21:30-21:45 (9:30-9:45 PM) European Central Time:

Various leaders in Germany have pointed to a more unified, militaristic, and German-led Europe. After Russia’s ‘special military operation’ into Ukraine, Germany declared it would increase its military spending to the third highest level of any nation on the planet. German-Foreign-Policy.com reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants the European Union to play a powerful and more unified geopolitical role. Is what he is stating consistent with prophecies in the Book of Revelation about Europe reorganizing and turning power over to one called the Beast? Are some in Poland and Hungary (like Peter G. Feher) concerned about the domination of Europe by Germany? Is a European/German leader prophesied as the “King of the North” to make some type of a deal with a leader of nations in the Middle East and North Africa called the “King of the South”? Is that King of the North prophesied to have a great army and many ships? Could the Beast/King of the North be German? Did the old Worldwide Church of God warn back in 1980 that, in the future, the German people would be concerned enough about Russia that it would call for a Bavarian strongman to lead them? Does the Bible point to such a leader rising promising peace? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel address those issues.

Here is a link to our video: Germany wants to lead a united Europe.

We are getting closer and closer to the time Europe will rise up and it looks like Germany will be its physical leader.

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