Ted Malloch tells of Anti-Americanism in the European Union

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch (Madhangc1)


Yale Professor, and expected US nominee to be the Ambassador to the European Union, Ted Malloch has concerns about the European Union:

February 7, 2017

At the recent European Union summit in Malta, Donald Trump was squarely in the crosshairs of European leaders – and Trump’s likely pick for U.S. ambassador to the EU didn’t escape unscathed, either.

French President Francois Hollande told reporters the U.S. should pick a diplomat who believes in Europe.

“To designate an ambassador, it is better if he believes in the institution in which he is supposed to work; it is as simple as that,” Hollande said, according to Bloomberg.

He was referring to Ted Malloch, who had previously told the BBC the EU may need “a little taming.”

In another interview, Malloch said the EU “is an overly complex, fairly bloated bureaucratic organization. Its ambitions have basically overstepped its capabilities, so the question really is what the European member states want to see for that European Union.”

However, while he may not be a big fan of the EU as currently constructed, Malloch, author of the new book “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory,” continues to be a self-professed “Europhile” who believes in Europe as a continent.

Last week, before the Malta summit, European Council President Donald Tusk wrote a letterto the 27 EU heads of state in which he listed the Trump administration as a threat to the EU.

Tusk proclaimed that “worrying declarations by the new American administration,” along with an aggressive Russia, an assertive China and radical Islam, constitute external threats that “make our future highly unpredictable.”

Malloch was incredulous that such a high-ranking European official would make a statement like that.

“We are the enemy of Europe,” Malloch mused. “There is that much anti-Americanism in the EU.” http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/trumps-likely-eu-ambassador-challenges-groups-anti-americanism/#BDf1Di2Zm0hV8Up2.99

Despite the USA’s role in WWII and its defense of Europe ever since, there has long been anti-American sentiment in Europe.

My wife Joyce and I experienced that in our first trip to the Netherlands back in 1982, as well running into issues in France and Greece in later years.

How bad is the anti-American sentiment?  Last Septmeber, I noticed the following from Politico (which I put in my article Donald Trump in Prophecy):

Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump

September 21, 2016

European Parliament President Martin Schulz warned recently that Trump “would be a problem not just for the EU but for the whole world.”

And yet, in some quarters at least, the Trump cloud carries with it at least a sliver of silver lining. No European politician will say so publicly, but to some on the Continent, Trump presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for emancipation from American influence.

To varying degrees, America-bashing has been a mainstay on both the Right and Left of European politics for decades. From GMOs to Guantanamo, from the drone war to the death penalty, European politicians have rarely had difficulty finding reasons to rail against the U.S.

In fact, the evils of U.S. influence is one of the few things that European politicians from nearly every slice of the political spectrum can agree upon. In Germany, for example, one is just as likely to see an “Ami Go Home” (Ami is German slang for American) poster at a rally for the Left party as at a gathering of the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Just as the EU served as a convenient whipping post for British politicians of all stripes in recent decades, culminating in the Brexit vote, the U.S. serves a similar purpose for many European politicians. Even those who profess a deep commitment to the transatlantic relationship often can’t resist using the U.S. as a rhetorical foil to deflect attention from their own vulnerabilities.

Just last week, Jean-Claude Juncker, hailing the Commission’s crackdown on Apple’s Irish tax penalty in his State of the Union speech, declared: “Europe is not the Wild West.” Anyone listening knew that “Wild West” means America. “We are not the United States of Europe,” Juncker added, to applause from the assembled MEPs. “We are much more diverse in Europe and stronger.”

Most Europeans at the center of Europe’s political spectrum genuinely fear the consequences of a Trump victory and a weakening of the Transatlantic relationship. But others smell an opportunity too good to be allowed to pass.

As long as moderate politicians like President Barack Obama or U.S. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton occupy the White House, anti-American politicians will find it difficult to turn their rhetoric into reality. A Trump presidency would force a rethink. …

The birth of an EU army: The U.S. has guaranteed Europe’s security for decades through NATO, effectively placing a giant security umbrella over most of the Continent. That reliance doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Though Europe doesn’t have anywhere near the military resources of the U.S. (American military spending accounts for about 75 percent of the NATO total), politicians in France and Germany are eager to get to work on a European defense force. The idea isn’t new and faces myriad hurdles, mainly the question of how to finance it on Europe’s shoestring budget.

Nevertheless, a Trump victory would give the initiative a major boost. As with the trade deal, Trump would likely be happy to let the Europeans fend for themselves. He has made no secret of his distaste for Europe’s reliance on the U.S. military. Conversely, few Europeans would welcome Trump as commander-in-chief. If he wins, proponents of a European army would finally have the compelling argument they’ve been looking for. http://www.politico.eu/article/why-europe-is-secretly-rooting-for-donald-trump-us-election-2016/

I have been saying for a long time that Donald Trump’s rise would encourage the Europeans to arm–and we have seen more steps since his election. .

There are different reasons for anti-American sentiment in Europe.

But basically it boils down to resentment that the USA does not always follow the wishes of the Europeans and that the Europeans believe that the USA is able to force other nations to do things that the Europeans do not agree with.

This includes not only matters of trade, but of military interventions, climate change policy, and standards for goods and services.

The Europeans also do not care for the USA’s policies on genetically-modified organisms and feel that the USA keeps insisting on changing the world that way–on that point the Europeans are correct. Plus, I believe that this is dangerous to the USA itself as I believe that the USA is risking massive crop failures because of the reliance on GMOs (cf. GMOs and Bible Prophecy).

A few years back, the German publication Der Spiegel reported that the U.S.A. considered Germany to be a ‘third rate partner’ in at least one of the leaked documents related to the Snowden matter. The USA also told Ukraine that the Europeans were basically of no consequence years ago and to basically just do what the USA wanted.

As far as being an enemy, consider that a recent survey reported that Germans do not trust the USA much more than Russia:

The Unites States’ image in Germany has suffered massively ever since the presidency transitioned from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, dropping to similar levels as Russia has.

Only 22 percent of Germans consider the United States to be a partner their country can trust, according to the most recent DeutschlandTrend survey, conducted by pollster Infratest dimap for ARD public television.

This constitutes a drop of 37 percentage points compared to the survey conducted just before the U.S. presidential election – and a record low in the history of the survey.

The U.S. currently enjoy a similarly low level of trust among the German population as Russia, which has a score of 21 percent. Some 70 percent of the respondents consider the U.S. to be a partner that can not be trusted. 02/03/17 https://global.handelsblatt.com/politics/germans-trust-in-united-states-falls-to-russias-level-697545

Germany and Russia cooperated prior to WWII and will again.

Where will all the anti-Americanism lead?

It will ultimately help lead to a reorganization of Europe (Revelation 17:12) and the rise of the final King of the North (Daniel 11:39-40), Beast power (Revelation 17:13) that will one day lead a successful military campaign that will takeover the USA (Daniel 11:39).

While Ted Malloch was essentially making a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ comment, the time will come when the European ‘friends’ of the USA will become enemies.

The USA hopes to control Europe and will cooperate with Europe feeling that will continue to curry enough favor that Europe will essentially always be subservient to the USA. But Europe does not want that anymore (see Germany and France want a ‘stronger Europe’ without subservience to the USA)–yet it will put up with that as long as it believes that subservience/cooperation is in its best interest.

The USA will be shocked by this occurrence:

3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

The Book of Lamentations teaches:

1 How lonely sits the city
That was full of people!
How like a widow is she,
Who was great among the nations!
The princess among the provinces
Has become a slave!

2 She weeps bitterly in the night,
Her tears are on her cheeks;
Among all her lovers
She has none to comfort her.
All her friends have dealt treacherously with her;
They have become her enemies. (Lamentations 1:1-2)

While Ted Malloch seemingly does not believe that Europe will truly become an enemy power that will takover the USA, biblical prophecy teaches otherwise.

Europe claims to be a friend and ally of the USA, UK, and Canada, the time will come when it will turn against them all.

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