US deploys 2nd aircraft carrier because of Iranian tensions, but PCG sees Iran rising

Aircraft Carriers


The USA indicated today that is has upped the stakes in the Persian Gulf:

9 April 2012

(CBS/AP) DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The U.S. Navy says it has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear program.

Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said on Monday that the deployment of the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise along the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group marks only the fourth time in the past decade that the Navy has had two aircraft carriers operating at the same time in the region.

Whether the USA will directly use the aircraft carriers (or its other ships in the region) or has them there mainly as a reminder to Iran that the USA would strike back hard if Iran retaliates against the USA for an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear program is uncertain, but likely both are reasons.  Of course, this type of deployment also signals to voters in the USA that the USA is prepared to support Israel and might be cited during this election cycle by its President Obama.

Despite what looks like is happening, however, PCG continues with its incorrect stand on the situation in Iran and the Middle East as the following from PCG indicates:

Sunni vs. Shiite?

Many analysts view the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as an indication that a shift is under way in the Middle East that will erode Shiite Islam’s influence. Hamid explained this view, saying, “They (the Muslim Brotherhood) are part of a broader movement, and it is that movement that is going to reshape the regional architecture. The stronger the Sunni Islamists are, the worse it is for the Iran-Hezbollah axis.”

But the Trumpet has long maintained that it will be Iran (which is predominantly Shiite) that will be head of the end-time radical Islamist force known biblically as the “king of the south.”  …Iran is on the brink of nuclear power, and has the extremist ideologies that would prompt it to use that devastating power. Despite the rising power of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt and other nations will set aside Sunni-Shia disputes and ally with Iran. (April 5, 2012 | From

Since (irrespective of contrary claims by PCG’s Gerald Flurry) Iran is not the prophesied King of the South (Daniel 11:40), something must change to neutralize Iran or somehow reduce its Islamic militaristic influence.  PCG is in error in its assessment (about the only way that the others will ally with Iran is if Iran is sufficiently weakened that they do not consider it to be a real threat) of where the current situation will lead.

Of course, the religious leaders of Iran do not want their nuclear program messed with and probably agree with PCG’s assessment that Iran will essentially become the undisputed leader of Islam.  The political leaders of Iran do not want a regime change that would eliminate their version of an Islamic empire.  They may decide that they have no choice but to fight back hard against Israel and/or the USA believing that doing so represents their real opportunity to fulfill their view of Iran’s Islamic destiny–or even launch preemptive strikes on their own. Earlier this year, Iran’s “supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated “In light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated” (for more details see Ayatollah Khamenei Claims America “Will Soon be Defeated”). That would suggest that he might want Iran to fight back quite hard. And while Iran could somewhat harm the USA, Iran will not defeat the USA (but it could be part of a “perfect storm” of events that could severely cripple the USA).

Tensions in the Middle East remain high and conflict may occur soon.  The situation in the Middle East will change.

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