Jehovah’s Witnesses and Departure Contagions


Many are familiar with the fact that the group calling itself “Jehovah’s Witnesses” knocks on doors, but how it views former members recently made the news in Australia:

A members-only version of the Watchtower magazine, which states official church doctrine, describes defectors from the religion as apostates and likens them to someone infected with a “contagious, deadly disease … who seeks to infect others”…

It also tells them they should never watch a TV show or visit websites that highlight “fabricated” criticism of the religion and reinforces a directive that parents should shun children who are expelled from or quit the religion…Figures from Jehovah’s Witnesses show that they have 65,000 active door-to-door preachers in Australia…

Of course, people should avoid fabricated criticism or the web, in print, and elsewhere.  But all should be willing to look at factual documentation (which is what my article on the JWs tries to provide–actually, I have received compliments from JW members for how accurate and careful my article on them is).

Ignoring obvious doctrinal differences, such as the Godhead, the two issues that I wish that JWs would consider is their lack of better understanding of Church History, which, I believe if more of them understood better, that would lead some of them to seriously consider the COG, and specifically the Living Church of God.  Also, the JWs prophetic understanding of many matters (including the end time and their misunderstandings about the final King of the North and King of the South) is leaving them vulnerable to end time deception.

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