Many Still Believe in Fatima

A photostatic copy of a page from Ilustração Portugueza, October 29, 1917


Today is the Roman Catholic feast day for “Our Lady of Fatima”. On May 13, 1917, an apparition who did not initially give her name, began a series of monthly visits seen by three Portuguese children: Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco. This culminated in some type of change in the sky on October 13, 1917 that many others reported about.  Every year, throngs of people visit Fatima this day because of it (others visit throughout the year, but the 13th of May and the 13th of October seem to be the most attended times).

In Fátima, Portugal, beginning on May 13, 1917, three children (Lúcia dos Santos, Jacinta Marto, and Francisco Marto) said they saw some type of female apparition once per month for several months.  The monthly appearances culminated in a visit where tens of thousands of people claimed to witness some type of miracle/change in the sky on October 13, 1917.  This apparition is now commonly referred to as the Lady or the Virgin of Fatima, and multiple millions believe it was Mary herself.

So, why pay attention to this?

There are at least three reasons:

1)      Some of the events claimed to have been predicted in 1917 (though not written down until years later) appear to have taken place. This has given the Fatima messages credibility even among those not part of the Catholic faith.

2)      The Fatima appearances, though not necessarily all the messages, have been accepted as legitimate by the Vatican.  As there are at least 1-2 billion people with at least some minimal ties with the Church of Rome, this means that a huge portion of the West (Europe and the Western Hemisphere), as well as people throughout the rest of the world, have reasons to pay attention to the Fatima.

3)      Some of the Fatima messages are claimed to still be for the future.  And whether people believe them or not, there will be repercussions from them.  Some of those repercussions will likely shock the world.   If you survive, you will likely be affected by these repercussions in the not too distant future.  This is mainly because of warnings in the Bible about a woman (Isaiah 47) that seems to have had a lot in common with the apparition that supposedly appeared nearly a century ago.

Pope Benedict said the following about Fatima last year:

…Our Lady of Fatima. Dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I too have come as a pilgrim to Fatima, to this “home” from which Mary chose to speak to us in modern times…

We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete

Vatican Radio, May 13, 2010.

This suggests that the Pontiff believes that the message of Fatima still has future applicability (which is different than what he indicated when he wrote about it in June 2000).

Some of us who have reviewed differing accounts of the “third secret” of Fatima believe that there could be a part of the message from Fatima that has not been revealed.  Some Fatima supporters believe that the undisclosed part of the secret was that part of the Catholic Church would ultimately become unfaithful to it.  And this is to apparently coincide with an ecumenical leader who rise up, and be trusted by many (biblically known as The King of the North) along with an ecumenical pope who is expected to make changes to the Church. These leaders are alive today (see also Guttenberg holds military meeting in Berlin. Might he become the King of the North?). One is likely to be an antipope who will become the final Antichrist.

And while I (who have looked into Fatima extensively) do not believe that Mary of the Bible appeared there, it is possible that messages believed to have been given may affect the world in a few years.  And I hope to report more on that in the future.

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