Ambassador Auditorium Tours with Roman Borek

Order  of  the Sacred Treasure
Ambassador Auditorium (in center)


Ambassador Auditorium again made the news:

Pasadena Star News – April 2, 2010

PASADENA – …”I think they’ll have a major reaction” to the interior, said Roman Borek, the auditorium’s former long-time general manager, who will give a final round of guided tours from 9 a.m. to noon today at the auditorium, 131 S. St. John Ave.

I met Roman Borek a few times and believe he gave my wife and I a tour of Ambassador Auditorium over 25 years years ago.  As I reported before, the Pasadena Symphony intends to move to Ambassador Auditorium (see Ambassador Auditorium to be Home of Pasadena Symphony).

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