EU to Work Closer With China

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Tomorrow is a meeting between China and the EU that is intended to help them to work closer together:

China lies at heart of Europe’s recovery, says Brussels
EUobserver – May 19, 2009
Andrew Willis
BRUSSELS – Speaking on the eve of the eleventh EU-China summit to be held in Prague, European commissioner for external relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner highlighted the central role China will play in Europe’s economic recovery.“China is one of our most important partners in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow,” Ms Ferrero-Waldner told policymakers and diplomats gathered in Brussels for a conference on EU-China relations organised by Friends of Europe and the Security and Defence Agenda, a pair of Brussels think-tanks. While Wednesday’s (20 May) summit is to touch on a number of topics, including climate change and human rights, it is clear that the huge volumes of trade between the two sides form the backbone of their relationship…“The increasing Chinese middle-class is an attractive market for EU goods,” said Ms Ferrero-Waldner, citing figures contained in a recent report published by the European Ideas Network that predicts China and India will account for 50 percent of the world economy by 2060.

The commission’s director-general for trade, David O’Sullivan, also re-iterated this idea, saying that while competition with China in the coming years would be great, it would not result in a “zero-sum game,” where one side’s gain implicitly meant the other side’s loss.

At the summit on Wednesday, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is likely to renew calls for the EU to relax constrictions on high-tech exports and also reduce anti-dumping measures, while the EU will repeat its concerns over market access.

The closer the EU works with China, the less close it is likely to work with the USA.  The Europeans tend to also be aware of the potential of excess imports and will probably insist on closer trade parity than the disparity that happens between the USA and China.

Perhaps I should add that both biblical and ancient Chinese prophecies suggest that the Chinese should be more cautious about working closely with the Europeans–but both sources seem to conclude that this increased cooperation will happen anyway.

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