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CGG is a group that I would probably cover more, but its last real “Church News” post was about a conference held in December 2007.  However, it does have links to world news and linked to the following story:

“Obama is merely a fop for the global elite”

By Judi McCleod

Have you ever wondered how capitalism was pushed over the edge of the cliff just six weeks before the American presidential election?

According to financial experts, the world, as we know it will change dramatically by the year 2012.  People, who provided for their families only three years ago, will be desperately searching for food.

The story of the economic meltdown of 2008 begins and ends with the United Nations and its carefully managed One World Order.

Behind the curtain of this dark chapter in human misery are ogres Maurice Strong and George Soros.

It is both power lust and an all-consuming hatred of the United States of America that elevated this deadly duo to ogre status…

Leading economic experts and Strong agree that in 2012 people will be going hungry…In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword)…

In an era ridden by bankruptcies and job loss, Zombie-like cultists will swarm Washington, D.C. for the January 20, 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama.

Voluntary acceptance of global governance is the preferred means of achieving a takeover of America without a single shot having been fired…

It is Obama’s job to demoralize the 58 million people who did not buy into his campaign and for all of those who do not want One World Order.

Now, while I do not believe that Barack Obama is merely a “fop” for the elite nor do I believe that he intends to intentionally demoralize those who do not want a “One World Order”, I do believe that because of his timing (and his policies), he will (probably inadvertently) allow for the formation of a new world order different than the conspiracy theorists expect.

It will NOT truly be peaceful as after the King of the North (Europe) and the King of South (Islamic confederation) make a deal (Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83), this will result in the destruction of the United States and its Anglo-allies.  And contrary to the suggestion by Judi McCleod, the enemies will fire shots and the USA will receive them.

The article is correct that the economic order of the world will change, but this mainly means that the Europeans will become the head with the USA becoming more of the tail (cf. Deuteronomy 28:44).

One of the reasons that I posted the article, however, is that I have heard reports that CGG has taken some rather unusual views towards matters prophetic and wonder if that is why it linked to that type of article without commentary (it appears that the item was purposely chosen by CGG, though that is not certain).  If CGG is into conspiracy theories, then it is becoming a bit more like CBCG.

The Bible teaches:

Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled (Isaiah 8:12).

While we in the Living Church of God are not into conspiracy theories, we do take Jesus’ multiple admonitions to “watch” (Matthew 24:42;25:13, etc.) seriously and do believe that we are getting close to the end of this age, but that because of various prophecies (e.g. Daniel 9:26-27) that the Great Tribulation cannot begin prior to 2012, and likely will start 1-5 years after that.

We in the Living Church of God also believe in praying for leaders (cf. 1 Timothy 2:1-3) like Barack Obama.

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