Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Hitting East Coast

Asian Tiger Mosquito


Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are affecting parts of the North American continent:

Aggressive and Hard to Kill: Two Asian Cityslickers Swarm the East Coast
Wall Street Journal – July 20, 2011

The Asian tiger mosquito, named for its distinctive black-and-white striped body, is a relatively new species to the U.S. that is more vicious, harder to kill and, unlike most native mosquitoes, bites during the daytime. It also prefers large cities over rural or marshy areas—thus earning the nickname among entomologists as “the urban mosquito.”

“Part of the reason it is called ‘tiger’ is also because it is very aggressive,” says Dina Fonseca, an associate professor of entomology at Rutgers University. “You can try and swat it all you want, but once it’s on you, it doesn’t let go. Even if it goes away, it will be back for a bite.”…

Another species imported from Asia is the rock pool mosquito (Aedes japonicus), which also came to the U.S. through the tire trade, experts say.

The map of the infestation I saw showed the tiger mosquitoes mainly in the East (including North-East) and South of the USA (with some also in Arizona) and the rock pool mosquitoes (also from Asia) mainly in the North-East of the USA.

The Prophet Daniel told of a time with a lot of travel (Daniel 12:4), and while many aspects of travel are positive, some are negative.  How negative these Asian mosquitoes will be remains to be seen.

Earlier this year, Malaysia tried to genetically modify another type of mosquito (a GMO mosquito) in order to try to reduce dengue fever (see Malaysia Released Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes).  And while that might help, there are also risks.  It is my view that the increasing use (and in the case of the grain crops in the USA, increasing dependence) of GMOs is putting parts of humanity at risk of major unintended consequences such as famine and disease pestilences.

Jesus Himself warned:

7…And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows (Matt 24:7b-8).

Mosquitoes (whether from travel or genetic modification) can present serious problems.

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