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The “Peoples’ Republic of China” has a plan for 2012.  And the plan that I wish to report on is the completion of its first aircraft carrier:

First Chinese aircraft carrier nears completion
The Times – Nov 20, 2010
CHINA’S first aircraft carrier, built on the hull of an abandoned Soviet warship, is nearing completion, according to Western analysts. The arrival of China as a member of the carrier club would be the most potent symbol of the country’s burgeoning military power, even if its first model is based on a rehashed version of a warship that was never finished by its original owners. The Soviet Union collapsed before work could be completed.

The Varyag is expected to make its maiden voyage next year or 2012

For decades, China had disavowed any ambition to build aircraft carriers…It is believed China is planning to have multiple carriers by 2020.

Beijing is also ramping up production of unmanned aerial vehicles in an apparent bid to catch up with the leaders US and Israel in developing technology that is considered the future of military aviation.

While the Chinese said that they had no plans for an aircraft carrier, one is planned by 2012, and others later.

Much of what China itself appears to be doing is consistent with what the late Deng Xiaoping once expressed,

China must hide brightness and nourish obscurity . . . to bide our time and build up our capabilities (Source: Times Online).

Because of a perceived threat from China, the USA increased military cooperation with Europe.  And while that may appear to make economic and possibly military sense, it does not make biblical sense.

China is rising up, and it does have military ambitions.  And the Bible strongly indicates that China will be involved with Armageddon and certain other end time matters (cf.  Revelation 9:16).

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