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One ex-Chinese government official is claiming that the China is planning on invading the USA and killing multiple-millions:

Ex-Chinese Official Details Plan for World Domination
NewsMax – Sept 17, 2009  by Lev Navrozov
No ancient empire became physically global — the outside world was too distant and vague owing to the lack of later-day communications. Nor were slave empires rare. Even in the first half of the 19th century, Russia was an empire, while “serfdom” — slavery — dominated agriculture. Most inhabitants of cities were also slaves, except they did not have private owners, for whom they would be obliged to work without pay. Today China observes the entire world, a world that might become part of the Chinese slave empire. Such an empire would be global for the first time. Such a scenario hasn’t transpired because over time free (or freer) countries developed science and engineering — and the most advanced weapons. On the other hand, in the first half of the 20th century, China was “backward,” and hence could well be grateful it was not conquered by Japan before the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan during World War II.

During the June 4, 1989, massacre of unarmed Tiananmen seekers of freedom, Chi Haotian was the chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army and supervised the massacre. Yet President Bill Clinton received him in Washington with a 19-gun salute in his honor.

Until 2003, Chi, 80, was the minister of Chinese national defense. In 2005 he was vice chairman of China’s Military Commission.

On June 24, Chi’s speech of December 2005 was posted on Yahoo! under the heading “Speech by Comrade Chi Haotian, Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission.” The speech was delivered to the audience of top officers and generals of the People’s Republic of China.

Chi said that he was “very excited today” because in answering, “in the large-scale survey,” the “question ‘Will you shoot at women, children, and prisoners of war’ [in the U.S. and other enemy countries], more than 80 percent of the respondents answered in the affirmative.”

Why was Chi “very excited” about it?

“If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries, will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it? The fact is, our ‘development’ refers to the great revitalization of the Chinese nation, which of course, is not limited to the land we have now, but also includes the whole world.”

Chi does not consider German Nazism evil. He considers the Germans insufficiently superior as a race and hence a failure. “Our Chinese people are wiser than the Germans because, fundamentally, our race is superior to theirs.”

Yet Chi advises to avoid the use of the German word Lebensraum “too openly” in order to “avoid the West’s association of us with Nazi Germany, which could in turn reinforce the view that China is a threat.” Chi prefers to use Britain and the U.S. as negative examples (and not to praise Nazi Germany):

“. . . if we refer to the 19th century as the British Century and to the 20th century as the American Century, then the 21st Century will be the Chinese Century! (Wild applause fills the auditorium.)”

How to deal with America?

”America was first discovered by the ancestors of the yellow race, but Columbus gave credit to the white race. We the descendants of the Chinese nation are ENTITLED to the possession of that land!”

However: “Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there.”

Fortunately for the owners of China, these “special means” are known as biological weapons, and Chi devotes a long paragraph to describe for how long biological weapons have been developed in the People’s Republic of China.

In conclusion, Chi presents his usual excuse. “It is indeed brutal to kill one hundred or two hundred million Americans. But this is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] leads the world.”

What is the purpose of making this official top-level speech known to the West? Traditionally, attackers make their war intentions as unexpected as possible. Here Chi explains to Chinese generals and officers (and to the world, including the U.S.) how China will kill by biological weapons one-third or two-thirds (or three-thirds?) of the U.S. population in order for the Chinese to settle in “clean America.” Mass robbery via mass murder.

It seems to the rulers of China that its strategy should not be concealed but, on the contrary, should scare a potential victim. The United States has freedom, not slavery. The result of slavery in China is the conversion of population into slave soldiers ready to die if necessary. The result of freedom, according to Chinese like Chi, is the people’s search for private happiness and, especially, safety. Therefore, free countries should be terrorized to make them surrender, which Chi has been doing for years.

At the same time, Chi declares the Chinese to be the superior race, and promises them American property, the murder of Americans and other inferior races by Chinese biological weapons, and the People’s Republic of China a truly global empire in history.

The views of one former government official are not necessarily the views of the current Chinese government.  But the fact the someone with such Chinese military connections endorses such plans to destroy most Americans should raise concerns among those that live in the USA.

Now, as I have long written, it will be the European Beast power with Middle East support (and likely other allies), that will be responsible for the invasion of the USA.

However, as I posted last month, there is an ancient Chinese prophecy that might indicate that China may invade Australia and New Zealand (Might an Ancient Chinese Prophecy Involve Australia and New Zealand?). And the fact that some in China are apparently looking for an additional land for Chinese people to settle in should raise serious concerns for those in Australia and New Zealand.

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