Complexities and concerns about impact of Scottish referendum

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The situation related  to the referendum for independence in Scotland is concerning many and encouraging some, and may complicate various matters if approved.  Current polls tend to suggest it may not become independent, but concerns exist:

September 14, 2014

(Reuters) – The future of Scotland and the United Kingdom looked uncertain on Sunday, five days before a historic referendum on independence, as polls showed the rival campaigns running desperately close.

Out of four new polls, three showed those in favor of maintaining the union with a lead of between 2 and 8 percentage points. But an ICM poll conducted over the Internet showed supporters of independence in the lead with 54 percent and unionists on 46 percent. …

Last week, Scottish–based banks including RBS said they had plans to relocate should independence happen, big retailers spoke of possible price rises north of the border and Germany’s Deutsche Bank warned of economic meltdown. …

The biggest financial question is what currency an independent Scotland would use. Salmond insists it would keep the pound in a currency union with the rump UK, but Prime Minister David Cameron and others have ruled this out.

There are also issues of immigration, passport control, and other matters.  The concerns and complications of this vote are not limited to the impacts on Scotland and the UK.

NATO, the USA, the European Union, and regions within Europe are all being affected. Notice the following relating to military issues:

If Scotland votes “yes” in an independence referendum… the submarines could become nuclear-armed nomads, without a port to call home. The United States’ closest and most important ally could, in turn, be left without the ultimate deterrent, even as Europe’s borders are being rattled anew by a resurgent Russia.

Former NATO Secretary General George Robertson, a Scotsman, said in a speech in Washington earlier this year that a vote for independence would be “cataclysmic” for Western security, and that ejecting the nuclear submarines from Scotland would amount to “disarming the remainder of the United Kingdom.”

“Scotland’s what?” said the Department of Defense switchboard operator in apparent confusion. Scotland is voting on independence, the Guardian told her. “Oh.” A brief silence. “Wow.”

The buzz in Washington about Scotland’s proposed independence from the United Kingdom, even as a shock new poll this weekend showed the Yes campaign ahead 51% to 49%, is that there is practically no buzz in Washington.

But if Scotland votes for independence from the United Kingdom on 18 September it will have serious policy ramifications for the United States. First among these is the fate of the 58 Trident II D5 missiles leased from the US by the British government that have served as the UK’s primary deterrent against nuclear attack since 1990, and the four Vanguard-class submarines which carry them. There are other important questions too, ones about maintaining the balance of power in Nato; the relationship between the UK and the European Union, which could be jeopardised; and the larger foreign policy effect of a weakened United Kingdom. …

Franklin Miller, a former senior US defence official who spent 31 years working at the DoD, the Department of State and the White House, told the Guardian that the consequences for Nato would be grave. “The SNP position, that it will force the UK out of Faslane, thereby putting in peril the very existence of the UK [nuclear] deterrent, undercuts a key provision of the alliance, which is based on the nuclear guarantee provided by the US and the UK. If an independent Scotland were to knock out one of those two legs, it would cut to the heart of that doctrine, and isolate the US as the only nuclear provider for Nato,” he said. “Not a good thing.”

Britain’s future as a nuclear-armed nation could be thrown into doubt if Scotland votes for independence on September 18, experts say, raising serious questions about its future status in the international community.

The UK’s Trident nuclear submarines are currently based at Faslane naval base on a sea loch west of Glasgow surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery.

But the Scottish National Party (SNP), leaders of the pro-independence campaign which is gaining ground in opinion polls, wants them out of Scotland by 2020 if there is a “Yes” vote.

Some say the cost and complexity of a move could force Britain to re-open the debate about whether it needs a nuclear deterrent at all.

Many may hope that the world is a safe place, and that the USA will never be taken over and the people of the British Isles never made slaves (as a British anthem claims), but the reality is that the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be taken over and their people made slaves (see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel and Will the Anglo-Saxon Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?).  Votes for or against Scottish independence will not change this–only national repentance could, but that is not considered likely at this stage (though personal repentance always remains an option).

There are other regions in Europe that have independence movements that believe Scottish independence could assist their movements:

“A ‘Yes’ vote would have a positive effect on other regions in Europe. For us in Bavaria it would be a real boost and it would no longer be so easy for our media to negate or ridicule this topic.”

The party, which has around 5,000 members and wants a referendum on Bavarian independence, has declined sharply from its fifties heyday when it had 17 MPs in the German Parliament…

“The UK is willing to let Scotland vote and Catalonia is refused that right by the Spanish,” says Liz Castro, an author and publisher who divides her time between Massachusetts and Barcelona. “Catalans look to the Scotland-UK question with a sense of envy and admiration, they’re constantly talking about the ‘quality of the democracy’ there. Personally, I wonder if it’s a bit romanticized and idealized. But, the truth is that [people in Scotland] all will vote on September 18th, and Catalans are still debating what we will do when they tell us we can’t.”

“If Yes won in Scotland, the Catalan independence movement would become stronger”, says Eulàlia Solé-i-Tomàs, a political scientist from Barcelona. “Spain would be terrified and would increase the pressure on Catalonia as well as strongly emphasise the refusal of the referendum.”

A referendum asking Catalans if they want to break away from Spain has a tentative date – November 9 – but the Spanish government deems any such poll as unconstitutional.

‘They are in complete deadlock,’ said Prof Keating. ‘It’s just a train crash. No one knows what’s going to happen. The Catalans say if you can have a referendum in Scotland, then why not in Spain? They’re having a very frustrating argument about whether it’s legal or not, which means they haven’t even got to discussing the economic consequences of independence.’ …

In Belgium, the Dutch-speaking Flanders region, politicians are steadily building up the area’s own identity, but the public will is not quite there yet. Because of Brussels and border issues, ‘disentangling Belgium is much more complicated’, said Prof Keating.

He added: ‘The movement in Flanders is really led by the political parties and public opinion is not becoming particularly more Flemish or more pro-independence, whereas in Scotland it’s led by public opinion and the parties had to respond.’

There are rumblings from various regions in Italy too, unhappy at the way they are ruled from Rome. Earlier this year, nine out of ten people living in the Veneto region – which includes Venice – voted for independence in an unofficial online poll. However, Prof Keating tempered the result, pointing out that those taking part knew there would be no consequences.

Basically, because of the existence of the European Union, many small regions feel that this is the time for ‘independence’ as the European Union will somehow protect them militarily and somewhat economically.  The Bible tells of a power that will not adhere well to itself (Daniel 2:41-43), and what is going on in parts of Europe demonstrate this.

As I have been writing for some time, even if Scotland votes for independence, I expect that it will normally cooperate with England and the rest of the remaining UK. But I do remain convinced that if it votes for independence that this will not be good for the rest of the UK. In the future, the UK will lose control over Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands (see also Will the UK Lose Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands?)–the continental Europeans, in my view, will make sure this happens.

What will happen, according to biblical prophecy, is that a major power will rise up on the continent of Europe–and various parts of this have already started to happen.  And this will not turn out well for the UK or Scotland.

National repentance is the only hope now for the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The referendum on Scottish independence is not the true hope for the Scots, and if they vote against it, that is not the true hope for the UK either.

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