EU expects major trade deal with Canada and plans to spy like USA in Mediterranean

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada


The European Union is finalizing a major trade deal with Canada:

TORONTO (AP) — A European Union trade spokesman said Wednesday the EU hopes to conclude a free trade deal with Canada in the “coming days.”
“Discussions are indeed continuing at the highest level between the EU and Canada towards a comprehensive free trade deal (CETA) — with the hope to conclude the negotiations in the coming days,” EU Trade spokesman John Clancy told The Associated Press in an email.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper also said Wednesday his country will “soon” complete negotiations.

This has been in process for some time.  The EU is attempting to increase its reach as well as set standards for international trade.  Standards that it hopes that the USA, China, and others will have to follow.

On the other hand, as I alluded to a few months ago (watch Will USA Spying Help the Beast Power?), the EU has decided to somewhat follow the USA in its plans to spy. The German news source Der Spiegel reports the following:

Migrant-Spotting: EU Plans Big Brother System in Mediterranean

In the wake of last week’s tragedy on Lampedusa, the EU is planning a system that uses drones and satellites to track refugees at sea….

But the system for surveilling “irregular migratory flows,” as they are called in the official jargon, is precisely the kind of monitoring apparatus America’s NSA intelligence service might dream up. Using drones, intelligence equipment, offshore sensors and satellite search systems, they plan to survey the Mediterranean in its entirety, linking data through “system-of-systems” technology. National coordination centers are also expected to assist in the exchange of data with the European border protection agency Frontex.

Eurosur is set to go into force in seven member states in December…After consultation between the Council of Europe, the powerful body representing the leaders of the 28 EU member states, and the European Parliament, Britain’s proposal to give Eurosur data to the United States, however, has ruled out.

Notice that the spying system is claimed by Der Spiegel to be something like one that the USA would do.  Furthermore, notice that Europe does not intend to share its data with the USA, as Britain asked.

The continental Europeans are attempting to have a lot of systems that exclude the Anglo-descended nations of Canada, the U.S.A., Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.  This does not mean that the Europeans will not trade with the Anglo-nations as the first item in this post shows, but they are looking to become more independent of the USA and the Anglo-nations when it comes to surveillance.  This will not bode well for the USA, Canada, or the other Anglo-nations in the future.

Nor ultimately for the rest of the world.


The Bible prophesies that a coming European power will have various forms of surveillance and economic control (e.g. Revelation 13:16-18), but eventually its system will crash as well (Revelation 18).

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