EU to Merge UK with France?

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In yesterday’s, TW News & Prophecy E-Zine, the Living Church of God (LCG) reported:

EU Attempts to Merge France and the UK?

Many are angered in Britain “after a European Union plot to ‘carve up’ Britain by ­setting up a cross-Channel region was exposed.” For several years people have known of EU actions to increase cross-border cooperation between England and France. However, recent efforts to “raise the profile” of the project have brought major criticism, especially in Britain. Millions of pounds are earmarked for frivolous projects, including a bike path that winds between the two countries, repeatedly stopping at one side of the English Channel and continuing on the other side. “Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a territory called “Arc ­Manche” complete with its own flag.” Critics view the effort as an attempt to “erode national identities.” Ultimately, this action is resulting in increased public outcry for Britain to leave the EU (Daily Express [UK], May 2, 2011). British outcry against Brussels could continue to weaken British-EU relations. End-time prophecy indicates that the final European Beast power will likely consist of primarily “gentile” nations, ultimately taking Israelite-descended nations like Britain into captivity (Hosea 9:3, 17; Deuteronomy 28:36). As we watch events occurring in Europe, we should expect to see actions that further alienate Israelite-descended nations. For more information on this fascinating topic, be sure to review our booklet entitled, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.

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The Bible shows that Europe will be restructured (Revelation 17:12-13) and that the UK ultimately will be taken over (Jeremiah 30:7), along with the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39).  It is likely that the UK will leave the EU prior to the prophesied restructuring in Revelation.

The following Catholic prophecy may also be relevant to mention here:

Mother Shipton (d. 1551) “The time will come when England shall tremble and quake…London shall be destroyed forever after . . . and then York shall be London and the Kingdom governed by three Lords appointed by a Royal Great monarch…who will set England right and drive out heresy (Culleton, R. Gerald.  The Prophets and Our Times. Nihil Obstat: L. Arvin.  Imprimatur: Philip G. Scher, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, November 15, 1941.  Reprint 1974, TAN Books, Rockford (IL), p. 163).

Whether or not the above is what will happen is debatable, but the reality is that, according to Bible prophecy, that the UK will no longer have any dominance, and that the EU is destined to temporarily be the most dominant force in the world, under its final leader, a European King of the North. (the “Great Monarch” of certain Catholic prophecies, who pretty much always is considered to be a continental European,  seems to be the same one as the prophesied final King of the North in Bible prophecy).

The fact that restructuring beyond national borders is being publicly touted again suggests that the restructuring the Bible refers to (Revelation 17:12-13) may not be too far away.

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