Germany wants a strong euro

Angela Merkel


Germany’s Chancellor came out for a strong euro:

Germany wants strong euro, Merkel says

BERLIN Nov 25 (Reuters) – Germany will press for a strong euro which is why tough budget savings must be made, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.

What many people simply do not realize is that the euro is part of Europe’s strategy to replace the USA as the world’s dominant economy.

In the short-run, companies in the USA who export to Europe will benefit from a stronger euro as it makes American goods less expensive for European consumers.  In the long-run however, the euro’s strength tends to be perceived as an indicator of the US dollars decline.  And a declining US dollar will make everything (including food) more expensive for those in the USA.

And while it is possible that the euro will fail and be replaced by something else (or perhaps pooled in with a basket of other international currencies), the reality is that the US dollar is losing its position as the world’s reserve currency.  Most of what I have read suggests that the euro is currently the world’s second reserve currency, behind the US dollar.  But with more and more countries trying to replace the US dollar for international trade (such as what China and Russia announced this week, see Russia and China dropping US dollar for their trade), the time may not be too long when the world will primarily rely on a European currency.

As I have written many times, THE EURO WILL HAVE PROBLEMS.  I suspect that the austerity programs combined with Islamic discontent in Europe will lead to civil unrest and more rioting (e.g. Civil Unrest in Europe and Civil War in Greece?) and that will at some point make the euro drop perhaps substantially again for a while.

Yet, Bible prophecy is clear that a beast power will emerge (Revelation 13).

The prophecies in both the books of Daniel (9:26-27; 11:20-44) and Revelation (13;17;18) point to this power to be based out of Europe (there are also European pointed prophecies in other books of the Bible, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc.).

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