ICG and LCG Report on EU’s Winning of Nobel Peace Prize

European Union Tower of Babel Poster


Both ICG and LCG reported about the EU winning the Nobel peace prize in their updates for today.

Last week, the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize was inexplicably awarded to the EU, purportedly for all its advances in human rights, peace, tranquility and whatever other blather was applied to credit the EU with having avoided a continental war over recent decades. It is not at all clear that the EU deserves that credit. But regardless, it seems rather whimsical that such an honor should be bestowed at a time when Europe is in the midst of a crushing recession and fraught with the prospect of eventual dissolution. It is apparent to all concerned that Germany will be the deciding factor in Europe’s future. (Armstrong M. ICG Update, 10/19/12)

EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize! “At a time when the EU looks to be on the brink of a break-up, the Nobel Committee has decided to remind people that the Union emerged from the Second World War and has successfully prevented new conflicts, especially between Germany and France over the last 60 years. ‘Today, war between Germany and France is unthinkable,’” noted the Nobel committee chairman (Telegraph, October 12, 2012). Some claim the Nobel Prize is meant to be a morale booster for the EU, and the jubilation in Brussels appears to support this claim. Now the challenge will be to determine which of the three EU presidents will accept the prize in December (ibid.). However, many are confused and frustrated by what they see happening in Europe. Angela Merkel was recently greeted in Greece by angry protesters dressed as Nazis. Catalonia wants to secede from Spain. In the wake of these and other divisive events, the prize committee chairman also warned that “The collapse of the EU could lead to a resurgence of the ‘extremism and nationalism’ that had led to so many ‘awful wars’” (Guardian, October 12, 2012). Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU accentuates the divergent nature of the Union—an institution that has helped maintain peace on a war-torn continent, but is also driving w edges between nations on the same continent. This was actually predicted by the prophet Daniel some 2,500 years ago, when he described the emergence of the final phase of a European power with links to the ancient Roman Empire as a mixture of iron and clay (Daniel 2:41-43). (LCG World Ahead Weekly Update, 10/18/12)

The ancient tower of Babel was supposedly built to cause a certain type of peace.  The builders were afraid of God per Genesis 11:1-9 and God was not pleased per Genesis 11:5-9.  There is little doubt, however, that the Europeans hope that the EU contributes to peace and will help ensure peace, yet the Bible shows that a warning power will emerge from Europe (Revelation 13:1-4)–and this is a power that thinks it wants peace but will act in a warlike manner anyhow per Isaiah 10:5-7.  Despite winning the peace prize, the Bible teaches that prior to the return of Jesus Christ that Europe will be part of a peace deal (Daniel 8:25) that it will break (cf. Daniel 9:26-27 & 11:31), have problems (Daniel 2:41-43), ultimately become a real economic power (Revelation 18), restructure (Revelation 17:12), give its power to a leader called the Beast (Revelation 17:13) who tries to come in peaceably (Daniel11:23-24), who is also the military-political leader called the King of the North in Daniel 11:38-43, and have issues with the Anglo-American power which it will takeover (cf. Daniel 11:39), and will be considered as a successful warring power (Revelation 13:1-4).   Receiving the Nobel peace prize will not change any of that.

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