ICG: Civil Unrest in UK and Europe

Greek Riots, 2008


Last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported the following

“Protesters” are going absolutely wild in London. “The crowd was baying for blood. At one point 40 or 50 protesters were chasing the car… It was completely out of control,” according to witnesses quoted by the London Evening Standard. This is but a part of the description of the incident that played out when Prince Charles and Camilla were driven through a vicious gauntlet of “protesters” in downtown London. As eyewitnesses describe the incident, the violent mob might well have killed the Royal couple had the vehicle not been sufficiently armored. What if they’d been killed by the mob, clearly heard to be chanting “off with their heads”? What if the Royal Security dispatch had sprayed the mob with bullets? How might the resulting “protest” have played out?

These protests have been going on ever since the British government was forced to announce that they could no longer subsidize higher education to the degree they had previously. In fact tuition fees are going up 300 percent. According to police who were assigned to monitor the events, thugs began to take advantage of the cover the big crowd afforded and turned the whole affair into a rampaging riot. Does it not give all of us pause to ponder what’s going on?

The incident illustrates several lessons that are important for us to understand. What we see in London is another example of the same kind of breakdown in law and order that continues to plague Greece, and has resulted in all kinds of (lightly reported) mob violence in France. Socialist policies (and nations) are inherently doomed. At some point the free money runs out, and hard realities must be confronted. When the recipients of government largess learn that their subsidies will have to be curtailed, at least in Europe, and in London, they take to the streets in “peaceful” demonstration, hoping to persuade their government to reconsider with an implicit “or else” guaranteed by the sheer size of the event.

But there are obviously wild eyed anti-capitalist anarchists waiting to take advantage of a crowd that might otherwise only have been unruly. In London the mobs literally breached the bullet proof limo Charles and Camilla were in. They set fires and damaged a statue of Winston Churchill. Ugly as it is, it could have been much worse. And it will be. The die is already caste in Europe. Socialist nanny states across Europe are in big financial trouble, and the crowds will assemble to voice their protest when they learn they won’t be receiving the subsidies they’ve expected. And the wild eyed anarchist thugs will exploit the turmoil until things become dangerous.

It’s just heartbreaking to see this go on in London, and sickening what we’ve seen in Greece, and in France. The trouble is, the phenomenon is all but guaranteed to be repeated here in the U.S.

Mark Armstrong is correct that violence and civil unrest will likely also eventually hit the USA.  And that may be one reason why the federal government in the USA continues to amass more debt that any nation in the history of humanity.  But instead of stopping the decline of the USA, that will, according to the Bible (see Habakkuk 2) pretty much guarantee the elimination of the USA and its Anglo-descended allies.

As far as Europe and civil unrest goes, I believe that we have not seen how bad it really is going to get.  It will get so bad that Europe will accept a super-dictator known as the final Beast, the final King of the North (Daniel 11:21-44).

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