King Charles welcomed by many in Northern Ireland, but . . .


King Charles III and Queen Camilla are visiting Northern Ireland:

King Charles meets crowds in Northern Ireland

13 September 2022

  • King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, have arrived in Northern Ireland as part of a tour of the UK
  • They have been meeting crowds at Hillsborough Castle ahead of a meeting with political leaders …

How do people view the monarchy in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, people’s attitudes to the monarchy tend to be linked to their national identity.

For unionists – who want Northern Ireland to remain in the United Kingdom – the sovereign is the personhood of Britishness, embodying the authority of the crown as a unifying force across the UK’s four nations.

Nationalists – who want Northern Ireland to become part of the Republic of Ireland – generally do not recognise the sovereignty of the crown here.

Unionists feel the loss of the late Queen most profoundly – and will welcome the new King most enthusiastically. …

In May, roughly 42% of people cast their first preference vote for a unionist politician.

Around 40% voted for nationalists, and the rest – 18% – gave their number one preference to candidates who were designated as being neutral on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.

While King Charles hopes that Northern Ireland will remain part of the UK, it will not.

When my wife and I were in Ireland, including Northern Ireland, a few months ago, it was clear that the Irish had major issues with the UK.

Add to that the fact that about 40% of those in Northern Ireland want to be part of the Republic of Ireland, you see that an overwhelming majority on the Irish isle want the UK gone.

That being said, notice a report about a post-Brexit UK bill related to Ireland:

June 13, 2022

LONDON, June 13 (Reuters) – British foreign minister Liz Truss told the European Union’s Maros Sefcovic on Monday the bloc must be willing to change post-Brexit rules governing trade with Northern Ireland, repeating that London wanted a “negotiated solution”.

“Spoke to (European Commission) Vice President Maros Sefcovic to discuss the legislation we are announcing today to fix the problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol and restore political stability,” Truss said on Twitter.

“Our preference is a negotiated solution, but EU must be willing to change the Protocol itself.”

The EU side criticised London’s moves to dismantle the so-called Northern Irish protocol.

“Unilateral action is damaging to mutual trust & a formula for uncertainty,” Sefcovic said on Twitter.

June 13, 2022

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s government on Monday proposed new legislation that would unilaterally rewrite post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland, despite opposition from some U.K. lawmakers and EU officials who say the move violates international law.

The proposed bill seeks to remove customs checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the U.K. That will override parts of the trade treaty that Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed with the European Union less than two years ago.

Britain’s government maintained its move is justified under international law because of the “genuinely exceptional situation,” and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss blamed the EU for blocking a negotiated settlement. The European Commission said it could take legal action against the U.K.

Existing trade rules “provide business operators in Northern Ireland with access to the EU single market for goods. The U.K. government’s approach puts this access — and related opportunities — at risk,” said European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic.

In Ireland, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said it was “very regrettable for a country like the U.K. to renege on an international treaty.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz echoed the sentiment, saying there was “no reason” for the U.K. to make such a move.

“It’s a rejection of all the agreements we reached between the European Union and Great Britain,” Scholz said. “The European Union will react to this as one and it has the whole toolbox at its disposal.”

Let me also add here that Irish news radio and television news also accused the UK of violating the Good Friday protocol while we were in Ireland.

There is a lot of animosity in the Republic of Ireland against the UK.

This proposal made it worse.

And now former British foreign minister Liz Truss is now Prime Minister (see also Liz Truss to be New British Prime Minister)–this is not reassuring for the Irish.

Ireland, and even most in Northern Ireland, did not want the UK to leave the European Union.

Here is a report from the French press:

13 September 2022

As he tours the four corners of his fractious new kingdom, Charles III faces the most testing task of reconciliation in Northern Ireland during his visit to the region.

Sinn Fein, a party in favour of reunification of the island, stayed away from an accession proclamation ceremony in Northern Ireland on Sunday, September 11, but said it will attend other official events during the official period of mourning for the queen. …

What challenges await King Charles III? Does he have a role to play in the government crisis between the DUP unionists and the Sinn Fein Republicans?

With his Brexit, Boris Johnson has reignited tensions between the DUP and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland. The former British prime minister had promised the unionists that he would withdraw from the Northern Ireland Protocol once in power. But he did not. [The agreement, signed between London and Brussels to address the border issue between British Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, an EU member, after Brexit, creates a de facto customs border with Britain, which displeases the most radical unionists].

Since then, Northern Ireland has been paralysed, as the DUP refused to govern with Sinn Fein in a display of its opposition to the protocol. Their fear is that they will be separated from the United Kingdom.

Although many in Northern Ireland still seem to want to be in the UK, most in the Republic of Ireland seem to want the entire island as part of it, or at least part of the EU.

The Bible warns:

63 And it shall be, that just as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good and multiply you, so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you and bring you to nothing; and you shall be plucked from off the land which you go to possess. (Deuteronomy 28:63)

Anyway, because of scriptures like the above, I strongly believe that the time will come when Northern Ireland will be part of the Republic of Ireland.

That is something that the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland calls for. Notice what Article 3 the Irish Constitution states:

It is the firm will of the Irish Nation, in harmony and friendship, to unite all the people who share the territory of the island of Ireland, in all the diversity of their identities and traditions, recognising that a united Ireland shall be brought about only by peaceful means with the consent of a majority of the people, democratically expressed, in both jurisdictions in the island. Until then, the laws enacted by the Parliament established by this Constitution shall have the like area and extent of application as the laws enacted by the Parliament that existed immediately before the coming into operation of this Constitution.

While the democratic way is one way, if that does not work, military pressure will accomplish this (cf. Daniel 8:24-25, 11:39).

Plus, it is consistent with biblical prophecies involving the descendants of Ephraim, which includes the UK.

Brexit and other moves by the government of the UK continue to upset the Irish as well as the leadership of the EU–they will harbor resentment for some time, then one day action will be taken.

Northern Ireland will be united with the rest of the Irish island and become dominated by Europe.

It will not go as King Charles hopes.

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