LCG: Do-or-Die Moment for Israel?



In today’s TW News & Prophecy E-zine, the Living Church of God reported the following:

Do-or-Die Moment for Israel?

The Jerusalem Post recently ran a powerful Opinion/Editorial article highlighting the unrest throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It noted the instability and the bloody intents of regional leaders. It highlighted the continued “rise to power” of extremist groups like Hamas, al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah and the rapid nuclear and space-technology advancements of Iran. The article ended by linking the current situation with Israel’s: “What this means is that–as was the case in May 1967, when the combined Arab armies gathered with the express purpose of wiping the Jewish state off the map–today again, Israel is alone at its hour of greatest peril. All of the lesser threats now gathering from Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey will become insurmountable if Iran becomes a nuclear power. As was the case in May 1967, Israel has arrived at a do-or-die moment. And we should all pray for the strength and courage of our leaders, our soldiers and our nation at this time” ( , June 17, 2011).Bible prophecy predicts that Jerusalem will be overtaken by “gentiles” again one day–“But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near” (Luke 21:20). Importantly, Arabs will not eventually take control of Jerusalem, a European Beast power will! (Daniel 11:40-43). This is made more interesting by Germany’s recent promises to support and protect Israel. For more information about this, review our free booklet: The Middle East in Prophecy.

When the European Beast power takes over Jerusalem, it will likely give the Arabs the impression that they intend to turn it over to them over time.

Perhaps when the Arabs later realize that this is not the real plan, this may be part of why a coming Arab-Islamic confederation (which will be the final King of the South) will push at the final European King of the North (Daniel 11:40) which will cause a battle that the Arab power will lose (Daniel 11:41-43).

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