NATO and Kiev say Russia is moving military forces into eastern Ukraine

NATO Commander Philip Breedlove


NATO and Kiev are is concerned that Russia is moving military equipment into eastern Ukraine:

November 12, 2014

Nato has seen columns of Russian military equipment and Russian combat troops entering Ukraine this week, its top commander said.

“Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defence systems and Russian combat troops” were sighted, US Gen Philip Breedlove said in Bulgaria.

Russia has consistently denied sending troops into eastern Ukraine to bolster pro-Russian separatist rebels there.

However, the rebels have admitted being helped by “volunteers” from Russia.

Heavy artillery fire rocked the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the industrial hub held by pro-Russian separatist rebels, on Wednesday morning.

It was unclear whether the fire came from besieging government forces or the rebels themselves, or both.

There were also reports of fighting near the rebel-held city of Luhansk. One Ukrainian soldier was killed and another injured north of Luhansk, when rebels fired on government positions near the village of Schastya, Ukrainian security forces said.

Unmarked convoysThe Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has reported seeing unmarked convoys in the region in recent days.

November 12, 2014Ukraine’s defense minister, Stepan Poltorak, says Kyiv’s forces are redeploying in preparation for a possible new offensive by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

“We are repositioning armed forces to react to unexpected actions of armed groups located on territories that are not under our control,” Poltorak told a government meeting Wednesday, adding that the rebels have received reinforcements. He said his main task is “to prepare for military action.”

“We observe and know about the reinforcement of terrorist groups, and from the side of the Russian Federation. But we tightly follow their movements. We know their locations,” he said. “And we surely expect unexpected actions from them. How to react to their unexpected actions? I see it the main task to prepare for military actions.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called for international engagement to establish peace in Ukraine and in the world.  Yatsenyuk said Ukraine is doing its utmost, but its “powers are limited,” especially when facing a nuclear power.

“The country, Ukraine, needs peace. In order to establish this peace, the whole world must act as one united civilized democratic institution which is fighting for peace in Ukraine and in the whole world,” he said. “We are doing everything within our power. Though our powers are not unlimited – especially when it comes to confrontation with a nuclear state which is armed to teeth.”

There has been recent sporadic violence in eastern Ukraine despite a September 5 cease-fire agreement between Kyiv and the separatists.

Russian military equipment, artillery

NATO says it has observed columns of Russian military equipment including tanks, artillery and combat troops entering eastern Ukraine in the past two days.

Russia’s Defense Minister denies that Russian soldiers have entered Ukraine, Reuters reported.

On Tuesday, the NATO commander U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove said at least 250-300 Russian troops remain inside eastern Ukraine helping the separatists. He also said that eight Russian battalions remain on Russia’s border with Ukraine, and that Moscow is moving forces capable of using nuclear weapons into Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine in March.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any official military involvement in Ukraine, and has described Russian troops fighting alongside rebels as volunteers.

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitors in eastern Ukraine reported Tuesday seeing a convoy of unmarked green military trucks, with tarpaulin covers, just outside of Donetsk moving toward the city center. The monitors said five of the trucks were each towing 120 millimeter howitzer artillery pieces, while another five were each towing partly-covered multi-launch rocket systems.

Also Tuesday, Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said that what he called “Russian mercenaries” are “strengthening and reinforcing” rebel forces in the immediate vicinity of the “line of confrontation.”

All this is happening while US President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are in Asia, having attended the Asia-Pacific summit.  Here is a report about that:

November 12, 2014

At the Asia-Pacific summit in China, Russian President Vladimir Putin did his best to appear relaxed, even playful. As his country faces some of its biggest international challenges in the post-Soviet era, he is showing an incredible levity. There are two ways to interpret that: as a subtle attempt at intimidation, or a sign that he thinks his relationship with the West can still be repaired.

During the summit, Western leaders only appeared willing to talk with Putin for a few minutes. His three encounters with President Barack Obama lasted a total of 20 minutes; his lone meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was equally brief. Still, Putin tried to make small talk with Obama, smiled and even clapped the U.S. leader on the back. From Obama’s stiff reaction, it looked as if it took him some effort not to recoil. …

Russian commentator Alexander Baunov, himself a former diplomat, called Putin’s behavior “a hint at his power,” as if he was saying: “You Western politicians are held back by a thousand rules and barriers because your opposition and journalists will punish you for every false step. You can’t afford this, but I can. I am the independent master of an independent country, so there you are.” …

Amid all the anti-American, anti-Western rhetoric, Putin always leaves the door open to a resumption of dialogue. In remarks after the Valdai speech, he said:

We are not going to fence ourselves off from anyone. It’s a fact that attempts are made to isolate, to fence off Russia. What’s there to talk about? Everything speaks to that. Your leaders say it publicly: We will punish Russia, it will pay dearly, it will be an outcast and so on. But how will they solve global problems with such an outcome, it’s not clear, and they probably understand themselves that it’s impossible.

It’s even possible that Putin’s behavior is a mixture of intimidating swagger and a craving for the restoration of normal, pre-Crimea relations with his Western “friends and partners,” as he likes to call them. It’s only prudent to react to Putin’s threats by shoring up defenses, but it might be smart for the West to exploit his apparent desire to be given a place at the table again.

While I agree that Vladimir Putin wants to be on better terms with the West and does not want sanctions, I believe he mainly wants better terms so that he can attain as much of the territory of the old Soviet Union as he possibly can.

Those in Kiev, the Baltic states, and many of the countries in eastern Europe understand this.

And Vladimir Putin has shown a willingness to use his military to accomplish this.  The fact that NATO has stated that it will NOT fight Russia in Ukraine is something that Vladimir Putin realizes.  Hence, I do not doubt NATO reports that Russia is moving tanks and other military equipment into eastern Ukraine.

NATO is concerned that Russia has military power, Russia is displaying military power, and that Russia is willing to use military power. This is not going the way USA President Barack Obama or the leaders of the European Union want. So, Europe will likely decide it has to ‘up its game,’ which will mean that it will look more into developing its own military deterrents to Russia and others in the future.

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