Pope’s New Cardinals Have European Leanings

Pope Benedict

  Pope Benedict XVI  

The following news item from Time was of interest:

Parsing the Pope’s New Cardinals

TIME – Oct 17, 2007

The significance of any new batch of Roman Catholic Cardinals lies above all in geography. With the internationalization of the College of Cardinals in the past two decades, it was a given that the latest names presented by Pope Benedict XVI would “well reflect the universality of the Church,” as the pontiff himself declared Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square as he announced the 23 soon-to-be-elevated prelates.

And indeed, certain key postings, including recently named heads of major archdioceses from Paris to Mumbai to Sao Paulo, were virtual shoo-ins to get their scarlet hats — and an eventual ticket into the conclave that will elect Benedict’s successor...

Still, a broader geographical breakdown of the new cardinal-electors (five of the 23 are over 80, and thus ineligible to vote in a conclave that picks a new Pope) shows Benedict continues to have European leanings. Ten of the 18 electors are from the old continent, including four from Italy alone.

Among the key priorities of Benedict’s papacy has been to respond to encroaching secularism on the continent where the Church is headquartered; and with Wednesday’s announcement, the number of European electors now bumps back over 50% (69 of 121). The notable Italian presence — 22 voting-age Cardinals — is seen by some Vatican insiders as a sign of the power being consolidated by Benedict’s top deputy Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a native of the Piedmont region of Italy, who serves as Secretary of State…

Among those at Rome headquarters to get the honor were the chiefs of the Vatican’s charitable works office, the Pontifical Council for Laity, and the governor of Vatican City. Archbishop John Foley, the Rome-based American who long headed the Vatican’s Social Communications office, will also get his red hat. Other new voting-age cardinals include the primate of Ireland, as well as archbishops of Nairobi, Kenya, Barcelona, Spain, and Monterrey, Mexico…

But, as with the last conclave that elected a long-serving head of a key Vatican office named Joseph Ratzinger, the weight of headquarters will no doubt be felt in the choice of Benedict’s successor… Catholic Church geography lessons will always begin with Rome in the center. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1672515,00.html 

Comments by COGwriter: 

The fact is that the Roman Catholics are focused on Rome and Europe (and then probably Russia–they want the Orthodox–and then Latin America, then Africa).

The Catholics are awaiting a “Great Monarch” to arise in Europe along with a miracle working Pope who is to appoint him as the new “Holy Roman Emperor”.  They expect this “prince of the north” (a term one of their “prophets” has used) to essentially rid Europe of Moslems then invade the Arabs.  Although the Bible warns against a European Beast power accompanied by a miracle-working religious leader, Catholic writings seem to look forward to who we in the Churches of God would call “the King of the North” (based upon the terms and descriptions in the Bible in Daniel 11).

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