Turkey Approves Changes, EU Says Implement Them

Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey


As I reported yesterday about its voting yesterday, Turkey’s Impatient with EU.   Interestingly, now that Turkey voted for the changes to its constitution, it appears that the EU is getting impatient with Turkey:

ANKARA, Turkey — The European Union has urged Turkey to implement reforms and to draft a new constitution that would usher in more freedoms after Turks approved sweeping changes to the constitution.

About 58 percent voted in favor of government-proposed amendments to the constitution…Turks voted Sunday on whether to amend a military-era constitution in what the government says is a key step toward EU-style democracy, despite opposition claims that the proposed reforms would shackle the independence of the courts. (Associated Press, September 13, 2010. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iH4nwnlmh4Unb3j6pRogVsOIEsXQD9I6UNA00)

The approval of the constitutional changes in Turkey yesterday, does suggest that it is leaning more towards a Western than Islamic direction.  And that is in contrast to other actions from the Turkish government over the past year that suggest it still intends to strengthen certain Islamic ties.

Yet, ss I pointed out in detail yesterday (see Turkey’s Impatient with EU), there are biblical (Psalm 83) and Catholic prophecies that suggest that the final European Beast/King of the North power will likely cooperate with Turkey, despite whatever set backs these two entities may have.

Turkey is likely to align itself more with Europe in the future when circumstances suggest that it is in its best interest.

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